what do you do when you feel overwhelmed?

Wednesday's are for coffee and conversations. . . it can get so overwhelming, this times that we are in. social media can seem like the enemy, making you question your pace more often than not. . . because you know, your wcw and mcm are living their absolute best life, and you wonder when, just [...]


5 Things To Do To Retain Length

in today's post, I make a list of 5 simple things to take note of if you plan on retaining any of the length your hair would be growing this year! If this subject interests you, then continue reading 😁😁😁 The first on the list if 5 things is. . .

Healthy Hair 2019 anyone? (I share my tips for achieving healthy hair in 2019)

Hey (everyone who has hair and wants it to grow)! One quick question: is healthy hair a part of your 2019 "success goals"? yes? yes is right! because in 2019, everything about you, and around you must flourish! can I get an Amen! Say after me, in 2019, healthy hair is achievable, and I will [...]