Meditation Monday

. . .Because the Bible instructs that we do not let go of good counsel, rather, we should meditate on it over and over and as many times as possible over again. (paraphrased) –Joshua 1:8.

I said that to say this, remember the word God gave to you? Remember His promises? Remember the name He called you? Good. Then don’t let your challenges call you by a different name. Don’t let fear cripple you and keep you from making “moves”!

So, meditate. Go back to that book where you wrote down all the special promises God gave you, remind yourself, meditate on them, and speak them out, scream if you must, let every fear vamoose so you can begin making power moves!

Don’t shrink under the magnanimity of the assignment you have been entrusted with. God will not give to you what you are not able to control.

* * *

I should call this a throw back moday coffee post 😁

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God’s love and light,

browngirlwriter β˜†


Angels On Assignment (2)

Hey people! 😁 Hope you had a satisfying day?

Today is another day to be thankful. And on this episode of Thankful Thursday, I’d be concluding my testimony from last week.
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Indescribable is how I will decribe the pain my father felt that night. Can you imagine the weight of a full car on your hand? Can you imagine how incredible the pain would be?

My mum struggled as she attempted to lift the car off of my father’s hand all by herself. She was distraught, seeing him in such a position yet unable to relieve him of his present suffering. Still she tried frantically.

My dad with his hand still stuck beneath the rim repeatedly confessed, “He took my pains, He took my pains, this pain is not my own”. And at intervals he’d plead the blood of Jesus.

Suddenly, two men appear by the car, One tall and hefty, the other short and stout, both dressed in white Senegalese and cap (like Hausa men). They made their way to the spot my father was bent. The tall man lifted the car so my dad was able to remove his hand. Then the short one took the spare tyre and replaced the flat. In no time the car was ready to move. My parents turned to thank the good samaritans but they didn’t see them. That was very strange because the road was a long stretch, and no matter what, they should have atleast been able to see the men walking off. But alas, they were no where in sight.

. . .

Now the skin on my dad’s hand had come off to the point where the cartilage was exposed. So my mum took over the driving. My dad put his left hand over the right to stop the bleeding while he continued to confess “He took my pains. This pain is not my own.”

Once we got home, my mum quickly made her way to administer first aid to my dad’s severely injured right hand, but as my dad lifted his hand, there was no sign of an injury! Not a scratch! Not a swell! Nothing! His hand was completely healed! Indeed Jesus took his pain and healed his wound!

Jesus will always be there, in the moments where we need Him the most. All we have to do is believe.

Do you believe?


Journal Addict!

Hey guys! welcome to the beginning of the week. Welcome to Monday.

Here’s this week’s Monday Coffee. Take a pause, and drink up.

β˜† β˜† β˜†

One thing I pride myself in is my ability to de-clutter. Ohhh I don’t wanto get started on how clutter irks me. I literally cannot stand having like 5 of the same item in like the same color or the same style, it stresses me out. If 2 items look remotely alike, then 1 has to go brah. And if you are my friend, who happens to have a lotta junk (un.used items) going on in your closet, I’d with all pleasure offer my decluttering services to you for free! I strongly believe if you haven’t used an item in 6 months, you prolly don’t need it.

Clutter steals space from the marvelous things that need a seat in your life.

But then, there are 2 things I can’t seem to have enough of or let go ofπŸ™ˆ. Journals and Biros! Anyone who knows me knows that I am a biro collector and I have piles of jotters and journals with my name on them. I can’t help it😣 and I don’t want to help it, lol.

I love biros and jotters because there’s always something brilliant to write down- even if it may not seem so brilliant at the time. I love how when I go back to my journals from 8years ago I can marvel at the things I wrote down and how my life has played out since then.

A wise man once said, “the shortest pencil is better than the longest memory“. I believe he said that to say, be a journal addict! or well something like that, lol.

Having a journal to journal your creative (journey) through this life is important.

If you have one already, here’s what I want you to do today (if you haven’t already)

Plan your week. Ask yourself “what’s the most important thing I must do this week?” and plan your days around that one thing.

Plan your hours. It’d be a lot easier to meet your target if your time is accounted for.

Put your life in check by checking your habits. What things do you do over and over again that gives you the results you have?

Make learning a habit. Conciously learn something new everyday. Plan it- schedule it in your organizer/daily-planner/diary/journal.

Example: you can download an App that teaches you a new word everyday. (Here are some App ideas Vocabulary Builder, Word of the day, Daily word)

Journal your journey! Your future (you) would be grateful you did!

β˜† β˜† β˜†

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post? Thanks for stopping by again. 😁😁😁

Have a most productive day!

Love, bgw.

Angels On Assignment.

Hey people!

It’s Testimony TimeπŸ’ƒ

Today I share a personal story, narrated to me about 23 years ago (thereabouts).

As the title of this post suggests, this is a testimony based on an angelic intervention. Did you ever doubt the reality of angelic visitations? Well if you did, after today you shouldn’t.

It was in the year 1990. My father was driving us back from church in the dark of the night (pardon my omission of specific details, I was only 2years old😌). It was a full car with the whole family in it -my mum, sisters Joy, Cakes, Jaga, Pee and me (Praise would be born 4 years after). We were on a straight road that seemed to stretch on forever. The street was illuminated by overhead street lamps (or atleast that’s how my mind pictures it😁)

Cruising on an altitude of 80km, we were maybe 10km away from home. And then the unthinkable happened. Our car got a flat. The horror! to get a flat on such a long stretched road at that time of the night! So my dad got out of the car and got on with the process of changing tires. He took out the jack from the boot, attached it to the car and began lifting the car up.

Now I’m not sure if it was because the whole family was in the car (because making 5 little children stand out on the road at that hour of the night was not an option) or because. . . because. . . I dunno what else, but for whatever reason, the jack broke and the whole weight of the car landed on my father’s hand!!!. . .


I’m not fond of writing long posts you know ba? 😁 so I’ll stop here today. Please look out for the continuation on next week’s episode of Testimony Thursday.

Meanwhile, I’m so grateful for how productive my day was. I had a 2 hour meeting that is sure to mark the beginning of a new era in my life.

Thanks for stopping by today!

God’s love,


Are You Losing It? πŸ˜–

I wasn’t sure what title would work best without giving off too little or too much or non atall. DON’T LOSE IT! Don’t lose your momentum. You know, the one you started with in January. I was going through with my morning routine this morning and I felt myself slipping. The fire fire in my bones seems to be needing more wood -the urgent things my spirit has made up (it’s mind) to do now seem to have lost it’s sense of urgency. These things they are too slippery fa. Like the bible says, “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” and it doesn’t get no truer than that. So this is basically a call to action. I can’t afford to lose momentum, I mean I literally cannot. We still have 10 more months to the new year, but me I have 7, so I need this consistency in order to increase momentum.

So here’s what I plan to do (more consciously, consistently)

  • Plan my daily To-Do based on my goals of the week.
  • Plan my hours
  • Check my habits (consciously turn my desires into habits)
  • Revisit my long and short term goal list daily.
  • Remember my promises to myself! I mean, in the end this is what should drive me the most.

I have got to got to testify! And I can’t do that by slacking. *Running shoes laced up and back in the race* β˜† β˜† β˜† How do you motivate yourself when you find yourself slacking? Please share with me. . . bgwβ˜†

How to get yourself to do the things you need to do but don’t feel like doing.

How awkward is this long post-title? Not? 😁 I thought so.

Welcome to Monday Coffee πŸ˜„

For coffee lovers, when would you rather have your coffee? Morning? Afternoon? Evening? Not Night?! πŸ˜†

Because I sorta kinda was long-waiting on inspiration for the flavour of today’s coffee, it’s being served aftermorningπŸ™ˆ

I had plenty excuses that could have excused me from today’s post, but, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. If I have promised to make a post every Monday, then I need to be stronger than whatever excuse, no matter how justifiable.

Lol does this feel somewhat like a rant? Well for 1, it’s a post innit? lol And 2, if you read between the lines, you’d get the message πŸ˜‰

To get me started on today’s post I made a research to maybe help me summon my muse. Can you guess what I Google-searched? “How To Overcome Writers Block.” πŸ˜… And what jumped right at me is, “You overcome writers block by writing!”

(Have I overcome it or nah? I think yesπŸ˜†)

So I just started writing and continued writing and now I’m on paragraph *counting* 8! Lol.

So basics yea, when you find yourself in a funk, stuck on a project or something, I think Nike’s slogan is apt,”Just Do It!”

Movement is critical, once you start heading in a direction, it’s easier to gain speed.

One of things that help me get my creative juices stirred is music. If you are like me, listen to music that can do just that. Then start somewhere, anywhere. Eliminate distractions -do you need to turn your phone off for a few hours? Do it. Do you need to get a new perspective before moving forward? Get it. Try not to overthink the process -don’t make it harder than it needs to be. And then, do it for the joy of it (That’s why it is important you do what you love)

And here goes my Monday Coffee post for today. Hope you got it? (even if just a little).

It’s been fun! 😁

Until my next post,



My February Playlist

I am a complete music lover, (good music o), music is my happy place and you know, there are certain songs that just have the ability to take you to a place you want to be yea.

The Hillsong Worship team has got my heart for about 13 years and counting. I remember when I and my sister Paula were first introduced to them, my dad had bought a number of DVDs of their live recordings. I still have a clear picture of those days, standing in front of the TV lifting up our hands, singing along and worshipping. Those moments were particularly emotional and some-what landmarking for me. My worship culture was defined. Without it being explained to me, I understood how to worship my Father.

Then in not so recent times, I was introduced to Bethel Music and Elevation Worship! And like cherry on top my cake, I had the perfect blend for my worship list. I think worship is easy when you are able to translate your adoration and devotion to words and actions. (Have you taken time to note the lyrics of their songs?) I’m always inspired at how intense the words they turn into worship are, it tells of deep fellowship with the Word and the Spirit.

On this note😁 I’d like to share with you my darling readers, a list of some songs that totally puts my heart at it when I need to worship.
(If you are like me and totes love this sound, then you’d appreciate this list) πŸ˜„

My Top 8 Songs off my February Playlist

Elohim -Hillsong Worship
Our Father -Hillsong Worship Love On The Line -Hillsong Worship
Grace To Grace -Hillsong Worship
You Know Me -Steffany Gretzinger
Wonder -Amanda Cook
Have It All -Brian Johnson
You Are My One Thing -Hannah McClure
Here As In Heaven -Elevation Worship

p.s: I downloaded the vidmate app. It can convert video to mp3, and these days that’s how I download most of my songs.

Thanks for always taking out time to read my posts πŸ˜„πŸ˜„. Till next time,