Thankful in and out. . .

Some days I don’t even remember what day of the week it is. Asking me what date it is will be a stretch. Some days I’m really forgetful -I guess that’s why I always like my to-do-list’s. Some days I don’t even want to try, I know I’m not perfect, so what’s the use pretending. Some days I forget how to count, I allow my mind sleep, I lay deep in my imperfections, whining about the things that should and shouldn’t be, instead of just being grateful. I forget to smile.

But that’s not what today is about aiy?! 

Because being thankful is a choice- it’s an effort I have to make, to see the glass as half full, and be grateful for it.

Today I woke up in a so so mood. Thankfully things began to look up! I happily made a mental note of all the things I was thankful for, it was a long note, lol. Sadly I let an unfortunate misunderstanding sour up my mood- and I didn’t feel so thankful anymore.

That’s why today I’m especially thankful for God’s faithfulness. Imagine if He had mood swings, if He filled our mornings with warm sunshine and then an angry thunder at night, because someone pissed Him off! Oi. Aren’t you just grateful? that no matter how often you fall in and out of love with Him, He remains steadfast, loving you still.


My heart is pumping a lot more blood lately, and sometimes the feeling gets me confused. Oh but this is a story for another day- quite an interesting one too lol.

Today I’m thankful. Because God’s grace is always sufficient to swing me back to life; that even when I don’t feel in the mood, I have a mind that can totally agree with my spirit, that I have a good good Father in God; and I’m thankful for all the amazing people in my life, starting with my husband ❤

 There is always always something to be thankful for! 

What are you thankful for today?


Monday Coffee

You can’t keep quiet!

“Let the redeemed of The Lord say so!” (Psalm 107:2)

Hello loveys! I feel the need to apologise for my long (but highly needed for my spirit) hiatus 😌. I knew however that when it was time for me to return to blogging, the Holy Spirit will let me know. I was reading my book of the month on Saturday, and the last line of the chapter I was at, read “Let the redeemed of The Lord say So!” And immediately I shouted “I can’t be quiet!” That was my cue from the Holy Spirit 😁 -just like that- I knew I had to get back to blogging.

This got me to thinking yea, the life of a Christian cannot be a quiet life. Now I don’t mean we all should go about making noise, I mean, we always have to be speaking LIFE! Our daily actions as much as our words need to speak Life. You can’t be easy about the happenings of “ordinary”or “average” around you, because you know you were made for BIG things (don’t you?) 

One of my deepest desires is that I don’t miss out on what God wants to do through me everyday, I desire that my body, mind and soul aligns with the purpose God has for my day to day. So I’ve come up with an action plan, I’ll like to call it Intentional Confessions, I have it written down in my journal, and I make to confess it aloud every morning before the mundane struggles to take over.

The power of positive confessions cannot be over emphasized. Speaking positive words in place of negative situations, I believe, will create the reality you desire.

Like in my house yea, when I have run out of something in my store, rather than say for example, “rice has finished” I say “we need more rice”. When I struggle with some form of weakness, I confess “I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus!”. I consciously, intentionally calculate positive confessions, so that my lips doesn’t feel free to say negative things.

Don’t just overlook or down play things in your life that don’t seem to be working, there is a Word of God for every situation we are facing and will ever face, let’s do ourselves the favor of finding those words, and making them part of our daily confessions- let’s get busy saying and then doing what we should be’!

*Sighs* it feels so good to be back😊😊😊


Have a great day today!😋😘


With love,


One Thing…

Staying with God!

Hello ladies …valiant queens !

I’m so excited about this new move of God. Something spectacular happened to me this week but I guess I will share some other time but it was a confirmation of Wednesdays is for Wives. Nothing as beautiful as knowing God is holding your hand and that He’s helping you

So Like I said last week one of the biggest things I wished I had as a new bride was mentoring. Yes there were a lot of messages on what to do as a single to make sure you married right and that is so important because as I always say the biggest gift you can give yourself is to marry well.

I always knew one day that I would make that decision. I knew that I would find the kind of man that Thought I was perfect for him and he would be (at…

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Moved To Action


Have you ever believed in someone or something so much that you will have it no other way? I believe everyone goes through that at least once in a life time- yes at least once in a lifetime. It’s Thursday, so permit me to do a throwback- the wedding at Cana!


What we mostly remember or heard from that incident are:

  1. The original wedding wine finished
  2. Whatever he tells you to do, do it
  3. Jesus performed His first miracle
  4. He turned water to wine
  5. The surprise from the chairman

On the surface, that’s basically what the bible passage is really about, that’s what I thought too until I learnt this one lesson that still rings true in our everyday lives- WE CAN MOVE GOD TO ACTION!

Jesus said, “Is that any of our business, Mother—yours or mine? This isn’t my time. Don’t push me.”

She went ahead anyway, telling…

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Ihunanya Uri

Love's Voice

Those beautiful eyes that watch me close

Day and night, not blinking cos’ You chose

It’s amazing that You watch me sleep

You don’t shut your eyes- like a Shepherd watches his sheep

I could describe every part of You

But hear me mention a few

Not resembling the macho guy girls drool over,

You are the shield and refuge that gives cover

I’m enthralled by Your strength

Your strong arm stretched towards life’s great length

Protecting, preserving, providing

Your people, Your begotten, Your very own defending

How do I know it’s Your voice on my heart beating?

Awakening desire, my ears meet with greeting

Unfolding mysteries, great things unseen

You tell me as I draw near to glean

Sweet echo as in the cool of the day

Your voice, Your sound, every word you say

Unlike changing seasons, friends who come and go

You are there, unchanging, remaining, Your…

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Thankful Thursdays

. . .of the Wonders my eyes have seen!

My today’s Thankful Thursday gratitude is on behalf of all Lekki-Epe express road users 😅
2017 is our year of Miracles, and we have already started recording the miracles o! I meaaaan! I was constantly asking “where is everybody in Lekki?” for about 2days into the new year. The road has been so free my people, I say come and see American wonder!

When my husband told me it took him just 5minutes to get home from church after rehearsals last Friday, I was so certain he was exaggerating. Alas on Tuesday the 3rd of January, after service was over and we started off on our journey home at about past 9, I kid you not, under 5 minutes, I say, under 5 minutes😢 we were at our estate gate. (Can I have just a few people who understand this testimony gather around for a bit?) A journey that would usually cost us at least 1 hour plus, (elegushi to 2nd toll gate) took just 5 minutes!!! we were literally looking at the car clock and counting as each minute passed.
All it took was, a little common sense, unselfishness and demolishing those stadium-sized roundabouts and Lekki-Epe express road users can get home in good time after a tiring day and prepare for work tomorrow.

Abi did I miss the memo and everyone has relocated? or it’s because of the holidays? 🤔 How else can I explain Tuesday night without saying Miracles are real!

Whatever the case, let me take the liberty to prophesy Miracles your way through out this year! It takes believing to be able to receive, so live everyday of this year conciously expecting miracles to happen to and through you in Jesus name!

God’s Love and Peace and Favor and Light,


Monday Coffee

The Big Bang!


Oh my gosh I’m back! It’s both refreshing and guilt-gripping as I dust off cobwebs from on here -well not much webs gathered, and I have my new followers and readers (and likers) to thank for that! (chop kiss*) I am sincerely sorry for going AWOL.
Oi, I really have missed writing! To me writing is like a drug! It infuses in me a peculiar kind of high. When I’m not writing I feel like I’m falling! My days are unfulfilling, and I feel like I don’t deserve my night’s sleep-This is how to define purpose no?

Wellll! Let me officially welcome you into the new year, where everything is new! Like, you can make everything new -literally, It’s your decision, really! Don’t let the momentum of the new year go to waste without you refurbishing your life.

Ok, on to the day’s post and the choice of my blog title; no, it’s not a review of the seasonal comedy; The Big Bang Theory, noh- (but if that’s what brought you here, I’m sorry -not sorry lol) It’s an expression of the momentum I am employing to start off my 2017.

2017 is the only year that I entered with a loud disclaimer that a resolution list wasn’t the answer to everything. In previous years I’d think that having a new year’s resolution list, which I’d follow-through by the letter, was the way to get my year Right -but that’s not necessarily true.

The basic (not so basic) idea, is to have a vision for your 2017. Note: I mean “your” 2017 not that of your family, or the company where you work -even though these may inevitably be affected by your vision, the idea is to make that vision personal. Have a vision that you are sure will make your 2017 totally worth it! And when you have found it, be totally determined to run with it, come rain come shine! Be so in love with that vision that nothing and no one can break y’all up! Let that vision infuse your every new day with a burning passion.
Habakkuk said to “write the vision and make it plain on a table so he who reads it can run with it”. -so Yes! Write it down on a pad/board! Have a very special book dedicated to this effect, (make it pretty, bright, big, fat, however it needs to look or smell for it to attract you back to it every mo’) so when you feel your self losing your fire, you run back to your drawing board!

Personally, I think we are all grown ups, and have passed the years of living unintentionally -all that negligence is so two thousand and sixteen innit? 2017 came with fire in it’s bones! and yes, while all this fire talk may just be “New year fever” also remember it can be an “all year fever”, it all depends on you, you choose, you decide, you say Yes! Or no! It’s all on you, if you fail or succeed this new year, it’s all on You!

It’s not too late, if you haven’t yet defined your year (you don’t need to have all the details yet, but at least January to March?), join me as we begin this amazing year with a Big Bang!

Wishing you love and light and more clarity in 2017,