How Easy is Easy?

Written BY Paul Chisom.

Lately I’ve been asking some questions, not questions you haven’t asked before I’m sure, but just incase you haven’t given it a thought, here is one question:

How expensive is Success?

You think success is overrated? Many ways can lead to the market right? Well not this time. The “E” in success stands for EXPENSIVE, not EASY. Success is piles of little [good] efforts done ‘consistently’. I’m simply saying, Success isn’t cheap.

Everyone wants the easy way out, no one wants to go through the hard way. The crowd likes easy, but shortcuts most times can become the longest routes. Every human being  no matter their level or status, desires an improved state of living, the man who has $100 wants $1.000.000, however you can’t just “wish” it, you have to “work” it – work hard and work smart. To achieve a desired goal, you have to endure a level of pain. PAIN IS GAIN. NO PAIN, NO GAIN. Your life will not improve or change unless you embrace hard.

A wise man I know, who happens to be my mentor, will say;

“If it were easy, everyone will be a CEO” PK.

Let the joy you’ll get from obtaining your desired goal fuel  your pain as a motivation. Your destiny will be on the same spot until you apply the relevant force of hardwork.

This was written by the ancient Greek writer Paul, about the greatest man that forever lives, Jesus Christ;

“He, for the joy of obtaining the prize that was set before him,  endured  the cross, despising and ignoring the shame and is now seated at the right hand of the throne of God.” Hebrews 12:2 [Amp]

God’s grace upon your hardwork makes you unstoppable. “God promises us a GOOD success, not a CHEAP one”

Remember, “Nothing good comes without a price.” Feel free to write that on your pm, IG, Facebook and tweet it ☺


#THELOVEPROJECT  . . .Everything has been paid for.


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