Message to the Forgiven

When you don’t feel Worthy-

Of God’s forgiveness . . .
First thing to remember,
Worthy or not, He chose to forgive you anyway.


The enemy has an interesting way of keeping you bound. he’s so super cunny that you don’t even realise it. he is making you not realise, that YOU ARE ALREADY FORGIVEN!

Is guilt sweet? Maybe it makes you feel justified? Like you deserve this punishment of alienation? Or does it just bind you! keeping you from making not a single progressive step since the day you embraced it?

You hold-on to guilt, because you know you need penance,
But do you know HE ALREADY ATONED? That even if it was just you He would still have bled?

Do you know your sins are forgiven + forgotten = tossed into the sea of forgetfulness?


So why punish your self if you already know this?

Oh you didn’t?
Well now you do 😊

When you don’t feel Worthy-

Worthy of God’s LOVE . . .
Please little-brown-girl remember,
Worthy or not, He chose to send His Beautiful Son Jesus.
Because worthy or not, you are LOVED!







10 thoughts on “Message to the Forgiven

  1. I love your blogs! Your perspective is right on! Please be sure to check out my page and I’ll share some of your post if that’s ok.


  2. Well written, Brown Girl!

    We are worthy because He paid the price and gave us the gift of righteousness which gives us the ability to stand before God without any sense of guilt, inferiority, shame or condemnation! He bore our sins and died to set us free! Thank you, Jesus!

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