…from a lover’s view. 


“The ultimate romance is the Divine romance. That is the romance between the deep in our human spirit that calls to the deep in God’s Spirit” Dr. Mark J. Chironna.




Since the begining of time, God has been seeking a unique fellowship, so He created man. Each day He’d visit Adam in the garden of Eden and together they’d enjoy a sweet communion. He communed with Abraham so much He called him friend. And then when Jesus went back up into heaven, He came to dwell in my heart.



God desires a sincere intimacy with you and me. He is still seeking people who will love Him above everything else. People who will accept the responsibility to cultivate this Divine relationship; spending quality time with Him, talking and listening to Him, meeting His needs and doing what pleases Him.


It’s quite simple the way I see it; He wants to be the first face I see each morning when I wake up, the first ears I speak in to, the first voice that speaks back to me, the first warmth I feel. He wants to be The First -my First. Yes, He loves me that jelously.


He loves me so deep and hard that He readily shed the blood of His Son, and put His blood before me so that my sin can no longer drive a rift between me and Him and I never have to be away from Him.



He tries so desperately to reach out to us, even when we fail Him. His arms remain open wide because we matter to Him most. “Who will be my friend?” I can almost hear Him say.


God is unrelenting in pursuing us and touching our hearts, but what are we doing that really touches His heart? Do we know what He wants? Are we doing it? He is looking for people who are motivated by a desire to know Him and please Him.

We need to find out what God wants and then do it, not out of compulsion, but because He is our Lover and we want only to please Him. Just like I’m very careful to love my spouse the way he desires to be loved.



I have come to a deeper sense of abiding with Christ and I recognize Him as the first lover of my soul, so that as I am loving my spouse, I am loving him through Christ.


“As we get closer to the return of the Messiah, this earth will shake. The only people who will stand will be those who have achieved intimacy with the King”. Sid Roth.




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  1. Yeah!

    God wants to have a relationship with us. He wants to always come first. He wants a relationship so intimate and so true. He wants to be so real to us to the point whereby we talk to Him all the time, seek His counsel concerning every decision in life, love Him so dearly, experience His love so strongly and then tell others about this amazing relationship we have with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ.

    Beautiful, BrownGirlWriter. Thank you so much for this lovely piece.

    Liked by 1 person

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