so for some funny reason eh, this text was previously missing from this post; forgive me for that please. (Sylvia you hear? πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜„)


I was reading this book, and then this blog title came to me, because I was taken back to some Saturday’s ago when this book first entered my hand. This book is special to me now, in more ways than one, especially because it was gifted to me with love from my big big sister Eky (a lirru famzing here permit me, iheheh)

So if you haven’t guessed already, this post is my attempt at a flashback to the overwhelming event of “some Saturdays ago” when my Welfare department family gave me the most pleasant suprise ever, the saturday (very early) morning when I was Showered With Love 😍

I usually don’t like being suprised -I’m like, “where are we going?” “What’s there?” “Who’s going to be there?” in essence, I sha like to be informed each step of the way- but when it’s a beautiful suprise like the well put together bridal shower my immediate church family threw for me, I fall in love!


I was literally overwhelmed with love when I was crowned n sash’d that early morning about past 12am. I was screaming, I was bursting with laughter and when I wasn’t doing any of that, I was beaming with smiles, or holding back happy tears. I recall how incredibly loved I was made to feel, and then when each person began to speak about me, I was… *bitting my lip* (don’t cry rhed, you are a big gurl) I was embarrassed with love; how every one had beautiful things to say about me,?! even the constructive criticisms -you know there’s something about hearing what others think of you, I mean, I had more faith in myself after seeing myself from their perspective.


So as a public declaration, I want to express deep appreciation and love to everyone who was present. Pastor M who I fondly call Maama -what a privilege to have had such a VIP at my suprise bridal shower, and the Well full of blessings you showerd upon me and my husband and my new family, Thank you for loving me; my special birthday mate! Sister Eky -who gifted me my new favorite book, (like I carry it everywhere) you are precious! My able HOD of life Chinwe -thank you for how you warmly embraced me into the fold from day one! Sister Kebe -always sounding so chirpy when you call me, lol, when I think of what a family God gave me in DCC, I think of you! Anty Jooooy! I’m enjoying getting to really know you. Sist Ogo, thank you for opening your heart to me πŸ˜„! My darling Tubohbreeee-hair artist extraordinaire, my God sent friend of life! my able Kiki bebe, ever calm and gentle Joyce and sis Ebi. God reward you all for that night. I love yous!


And of course, special shallout to my hubby, wow you successfully kept the shower a secret from me! 😊😘 you try wehweh!


I’d have posted pictures of my gifts, but I don’t want you to get jealous or ask me for it πŸ˜‚ (just kidding) it’s amazing that every gift I got that morning was a desire of my heart. Y’all truly hear from God!

Looking forward to more amazingly beautiful suprises in Jesus name!

Being MrsPeace is already rolling in the favors thank You Father!

Thank you for reading my journal hereπŸ˜„ till my next post, I pray you all experience God in many awesome ways!




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  1. Yippppeeeeeeee she mentioned my name too (blushing). Thanks babyboobae, my God given “jara” I love you completely too, muah muah muaah!

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  2. I am jealous😩😩😩 Mrs Peace it was worth reading… I thot I was going to scroll down to the end but I ended up reading it twice( in the toilet so that I don’t get into trouble). Lovely people you mentioned. Ushering dept beta surprise mi. Congrats love.

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