When the rain won’t stop πŸ’§βš‘β˜”

Rain. . .

This season always gives me the chills; Paula can relate. If it starts to rain and I’m out of the house, my thougts begin to do a fast reverse; “Did I leave my clothes out on the line? Are my windows open? Is rain entering my room? Do I own an umbrella? Would I need a boat to go home?”


I’ve always had mixed feelings about the rain, “to love or not to love?”, and so it’s usually bliss when it decides to rain at night -into morning if it likes- when I’m well tucked in my duvet – *sighs dreaming.ly*-bliss😊

The rain in Lagos these days seems to have pledged to a new mission: Pour till I’m tired, or atleast till all of lekki is flooded. About a week ago, it was a weekend long jamboree for the rain -thankfully I could still make my way through the pond.

Certain things are a common site when it rains: drenched human beings finding shelter from the rain, local-market vendors running to cover their goods, long-black-ugly rain boots to wade through the waters, canopy-big umbrellas, swimming cars, other human beings reconsidering the timing and location of their next appointment.


This rain, that some dread while others don’t even feel it on their skin. . .

Today’s own rain was doing asif it won’t stop, so this post that was supposed to go up since morning is coming up now -Is it safe to say I was under the weather? πŸ˜‚

The best part of the rain is that it makes farmers happy, and if the farmers are happy it means we ultimately get food to eat.

*This is now officially a rain bant* 😊

Ok let me get relatively serious. This story is like the seasons of life, sometimes we get some unexpected event that aims at destabilizing our existence, and if we don’t have canopy-big umbrellas or luxurious cars to drive in, we might not be able to shield ourselves from the rains and we end up missing our appointments.Β 

But when others are crying “there’s a casting down”, those of us who dwell in the Kingdom of God will surely say “there is a lifting up!” and so we’d be like the happy farmer, who at the end of the day counts his profit because the rain fell graciously.

Whenever it rains and pours and upturns your perfectly arranged life, I do hope you remember that there is always a light at the end of every dark cloud, called The Big Beautiful UnSmiling Sun🌞 (at least the clothes you washed can now dry in peace)

I hope you enjoyed reading my not so short rain bant? Till my next post, may you continue to find shelter in God’s love❀




15 thoughts on “When the rain won’t stop πŸ’§βš‘β˜”

  1. The rain can be a thorn in some else’s flesh but an answer to a poor farmer’s prayers or even an answer to prayer said by a little girl who has no water flowing through her house taps, who really needs some water to have her bath in order for her to go to school.

    Life is really funny. God is absolutely awesome!

    How beautiful a rain-tale can be…lol…lovely rain-bant, Brown Girl.

    Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

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