Peace is a 3 Letter word = Udo πŸ’‘πŸ’

#FlashbackFriday for my #ThankfulThursday post 😊

On this day I’m grateful for many things, but this one just about tops my list!

It would usually be a stressful process according to word on the street, but the 2 hours+ spent at the ikoyi marriage registry felt like a breeze. I know why, because I had Paul’s beaming smiles piercing through my neck πŸ˜‚







AuntLanda, sister Eky, Sandybebe, Demosky, Bleble and C’west (who is behind the camera), Thank you so much for being a part of our joy on this day. We love you 😘


Today, I’m thankful for my bestfriend who became my husband for the 2nd time πŸ˜… on the 7th of September (looking forward to the 3rd timeπŸ˜„). I’m now officially Mrs Rema Udo.

Time always seems to fly by when I’m with you my love, I hope forever would be time enough, and if not, I’d gladly add a million years more!

#hashtagbestie #hubs #bestfriendwithinaMillionYears #MrandMrsPeace πŸ’‹


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