“Last minute miracles” and the likes.


Have you ever had to wait, and wait, and wait, then rush to look out the window to check if your miracle has arrived, and then, wait some more? (Halla at me if you haven’t had to, I’d love to hear your narrative πŸ˜’)

So this post is about the wait; for miracles that show up last minute.

My take: this period of waiting is a very dicey one. You don’t want to let loose of the ropes and fall over the cliff after you have waited so long, And worse, you don’t want to go creating a plan B.

Believing God usually requires a great level of patience- Faith and Patience go hand in hand (like bread and butter and maybe tea to make an interesting breakfast). Spiritual things are slippery and until you can understand that the things we cannot see are ‘realer’ than the things we can see, you won’t understand God’s ways.


God is never late, even when the wait is mighty long and you have like one day to that big event.


Sooo, what to do when you are waiting for that alert, for that change, for the big appearance?

Some people have given up just one second from their big break, because they got tired of waiting, or thought God won’t show up afterall.

It’s important we watch our attitude while waiting. There’s a temptation to get cranky, to become negative, to complain, to begin to doubt -even for a milli-second and then loose grip on the ropes and fall off the cliff because we couldn’t wait one second more.

Recommended Attitude Status while you wait;
~While you patiently wait, be thankful. You have asked God right? trust me, He has answered. He loves you so much that even before you finish speaking it into His ears He answers; so just be in the place of thanksgiving. Move from trying to remind Him about what you’ve asked for, to thanking Him for providing what you’ve asked for.

~Joy. Be joyful, don’t lose your joy because the wait is longer than you anticipated. Remember Isaiah 12:3, because it’s with joy that we receive from God. Don’t let the wait turn your attitude sour. If there’s a temptation to be anxious, replace it with expectation. Imagine yourself with your miracle in your hand. For me, I see myself driving my pepper red Nissan Qashqai jeep 😍 yes Lord!

~Act. Act the part. Act like you have received what you asked God for. Move. Do. Don’t just “sit” in waiting. Be an active wait(er). I’ve heard several testimonies of people who made God-inspired motions towards the receiving of their miracle -I have even experienced it. You prayed to God for financial provision for a new house? Go house hunting with your blank check! and remember, Don’t put any limits on what God can do.


I have experienced God in the moments when I felt so forgotten, when friends promised and failed. In those moments I learnt to put my trust only in God. So men may promise me heaven on earth, I’d be like “awww thank you so much I appreciate it”, but then I don’t hang my life on their promises, because God is my option A and my option B, and if I had an option C, it’d be Him still.


This post is dedicated to my option A to Z Father, the One in whom I am forever confident in.

We Wait because we Believe

Sylvia Chika



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  1. Yippee! We got a blog post before…Yay!

    *I see myself driving my pepper red luxury car 😍 yes Lord!*…just my confession! My red tear-nylon Hyundai Elantra car awaits me! Hehe!

    This post is such a blessing. WE WAIT BECAUSE WE BELIEVE! God is so loving, so kind, so true and so faithful! My option A-Z Jehovah! πŸ˜€

    Thank you, Lord for “grace” and “mercy”!

    @BrownGirl We’ll forgive you if you don’t publish a thanksgiving post this Thursday but still…anything is possible! πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sylvia!!! Then we’d be cruising together in our red twins! 😁❀❀❀😍 permit me to adapt your “WE WAIT BECAUSE WE BELIEVE” line.
      About the next #ThankfulThursday, you are right about anything being possible πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

      Liked by 1 person

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