“And this is the day my dream becomes a reality.”


It’s interesting how things always come to pass. I remember the painful countdown 😒 ; it started about two years ago, when my heart decided that Paul was God’s perfect plan for me. The rest of the world didn’t know it yet, but it was my ultimate plan, to stand before everyone and profess my love for Paul and confess my earnest desire to be joined to this beautiful man for eternity even in the Kingdom of Heaven 😍😍😍 (Dear Lord plix permit me). And so the countdown began.


Finally today, the 22nd of September 2016, I’d sayΒ I do.Β I’d look into his eyes as I slide the band that signifies eternity, and vow my life to him. It would no longer be about me,Β infact there shant be a me anymoreΒ (the wrapping of my head around this reality makes me shudder. But Grace Lord! Wisdom Lord! Understanding Lord! Wisdom Lord!!! And more Wisdom!) I would love him, not just how I feel he needs to be loved, not just how he wishes to be loved, but how God has designed for me to love him.


I wrote my vows 😊 I knew words won’t be enough, I knew the words will spill out the paper edges, because I know there’s just too much love to express when it comes to him.Β Thank God I have the whole of eternity to express, everyday, in everyway, the depth of my love for him.Β I am in love with you Paul Chisom Udo! And today the world will know just how much, because I’d die to myself, as we miraculously become ONE FLESH❀❀❀



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  1. Awww…she did it!

    A post of love and thanksgiving!

    Congratulations, Remz! Happy Married Life!

    I’m so happy for you. Welcome to the “bestest” institution to ever exist…the one created by Our Father.

    It’s going to be a lovely ride that would cause you to laugh, dance and sing praises. I’m so happy for you!

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  2. Wow! My coke bottle 😘😘. Congratulations dear. Since you have made God your foundation on this journey,everything is settled. I am so happy for you😍😍😍😍

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  3. Remz happy married life and may God give you to continually love him like Jesus. @PC is one lucky man, beauty, brains and a woman that loves God so much. Rhed it’s here and you will live to tell this beautiful tale to generations unborn

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