Today is my birthday and I choose Joy! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

Many are blessed with the gift of “natural drive”. They remember the agendas on their to-do list even without looking at the list, they have a brilliant idea and they instantly run with it, they can successfully handle 100 agendas at a go, the level of their results and successes are very obvios -they leave the rest of us wondering “how does she do it?”

Does it sound like I sort of drifted?

Let me try to connect the dots -about abandoning your resolutions.

I believe the difference between this naturally driven superhumans and the rest of the world is that they write their visions, make it plain on a table and run with it! In a less KingJamesy translation; they follow through with their plans. They have schedules that with all their might they try to keep. When it seems hard, they try harder. When they fail, they try another advanced method. They realize that “good intentions” just isn’t good enough.

Does it sound like I drifted?

Let me try and connect the dots -about choosing Joy.

I believe we are only as happy as we allow ourselves be. It’s about deciding that this is the day the Lord has made, no matter what, I rejoice and remain glad in it. Because the enemy likes to pick the seemingly perfect moments of our life and try to turn it sour, have you ever noticed?

Sometimes we forget, that it is the joy that comes from within that should fuel our happy and then we begin to let the grey skies steal our bliss. But I say to you, “Don’t!” Scream at the devourer, tell him (abi it) “you will not steal the joy/grace/life/health/peace/sanity/wealth that my Father has so graciously given to me!” Make sure you shout at him, I promise you he’d scurry like an embarassed dog with it’s tail inbetween it’s legs. Because afterall, he’s all bark and no bite.

So today, I choose Joy, no matter what! I meaaaan, no matter what!!!


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  1. Happy birthday honey, with this new age comes deeper insight in the things of the Lord and the Lord will take the browngirlwriter to corners of the earth even as you continue to shout His fame in Jesus name (amen). Sweetheart Habakkuk 2:2 wasn’t wrong when we were told to write our vision and make it plain so all who see it run, the power of that keeps us going and knowing that God is our source of Joy tells us that our joy is everlasting and cannot be hampered by the things of this world cos the source of our joy is not based here. You know when you are in another country and stuff happens in that country though u r sad for its citizens you are ecstatic you are not of here, so when the devil tries to take your joy, just laugh and say this too shall pass because no one can still your joy. Ok this is the most of typed out as a comment in blog, thanks Rhed 😘

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