Would you be found doing the work He has committed in your hands?

For my Monday Coffee this week, I’d like to share with you a post from another amazing writer, every post she makes is so profound. You should check her out!

Have a great read. ❤❤

Love's Voice

My master was going on a long trip
he put me in charge before he left
He said to me; “give my children food at the proper time.”
Yes master. I said
When will you be back sir? I asked.
It is not for you to know… only do as I have instructed. And he left.
My master had many children!
How did he think me worthy to handle his household?
Days turned to months and months to many many years and my master had not returned!
Each time we communicated, he would ask; “how are my children?”
I remember some nights I would stay up waiting for his sons to be back home,
And days I would cater to any of them who was ill… I would not sleep until they recovered.
I always reminded them that their Father will soon be home.
I would read out his letters……

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Thank God it’s Thursday!

Hi guys, what’s new? I mean apart from the recession? Oh that’s old news now. Or is it? Is it really? Has anyone gotten used to the ridiculous price rise of common commodities every blinking minute? Not me I haven’t.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping and I stared at the new price of Sunrise sweet corn like 😲 and I exclaimed “I have watched the price go from 230 to 400 now!” Omaseun o! Inukwa! After exclaiming I still sha carried it and put in my shopping cart lol. What? Because the price has gone up I should forfeit the luxury of a better tasting canned-corn in my husband’s meals? errr God forbid! We are in Nigeria with this recession and all beht we have the odeshi of God Lol! Faithful God! He has caused our light to shine even in the darkness. I mean, how realer can it get? The fact that prices may rise but we will always rise above it.

So today I’m thankful that this recession hasn’t led to depression (oshe rhymes😎) God’s grace has caused me to persevere and made me rise above every challenge. There have been challenges I tell you, but He has made me come through each one stronger and wiser and more patient (I mean this literally)

Thank God it’s Thursday, Another day to be thankful! What are you thankful for?


It gets easier the second time you try. . .



Sipping from my little mug of coffee ☕

One day I went on a journey, to get the best braids of my life. Now I had no expectations except that at the end of the day, I should have the best banging braids I’ve ever had on my gorgeous nappy locs.

So, it was some-what a perilous journey, one that had me mounting a bike and then crossing a rope-sized bridge over swampy waters 😢. Quite unappealing I know, and way out of my comfort zone- (as I prefer the finer and neater environments of life), but I kept my eyes on the prize! “I should have the best banging braids Ive ever had on my gorgeous nappy locs” I reminded myself *gulp* I stiffled a smile on my face as I braved my way through the experience -holding my breathe every now and then. And true to the only expectation I had, despite the grubby state of the location, I left with the best banging braids I’ve ever had on my gorgeous nappy locs😍 *flips retrospective banging braids*

What brings me to this musing. . . now that I need to protect my nappy crown once again, because I am kinda sorta definately tired of having to manipulate it every morning, I’m contemplating going back to -you know where *gulps* (or praying she can offer home service without attempting to empty my pocket, using dollar rise as an excuse *rolls eyes*), this decision would become easier to make because I know at the end of it all it’d be worth it.

                                        ☆  ☆  ☆

Actually what brings me to this musing is; difficult decisions that usually need to be made. I’ve been through a lot of those, most of them hurdles that need to be jumped over, tough rope sized bridges that need to be crossed- by that I mean, decisions so vital that the next level of my life depended on it. I’m sure you can easily relate no? And maybe unlike me you are always 100% of the time motivated by challenges. -so today I’m preaching to myself, and to anyone else who sometimes needs a little push: Have a driving force that can sustain you through difficult situations. Like my last hair braiding experience taught me, I’d remind myself that I want to be successful and give my beautiful children a privileged life, touch as many lives as I am graced to, and hear “Well done” from my Father; then I’d brave my way through the hurdles and bridges- because, it actually gets easier the second time you try. 😉

I hope you have a most productive day today! and remember, Impossible is Nothing.

With love,


A dream bigger than me

Yesterday evening while hubby and I were praying, I was in a battle with my mind.

I have a small project which should run in December (details of that would come up on the blog soon by God’s grace 😊), and so I heard a tiny voice ask “do you have to go through with this? Why do you want to stress your self sef?” And as strong as I can be, I found myself considering what this voice had said

I sha continued praying and after we said Amen, my husband who is very good at reading me (oshe) asked me what the problem was. I’m thankful that with him I can be naked and unashamed, so I unashamedly told him how inadequate I felt about the assignments God has given me. I’m thankful again for a husband who knows God and walks closely with Him. After patiently listening to me cry out my concerns, he reminded me that my Father is not a wicked God, and that He will never give me a job to do that He hasn’t already equipped me for. Also, he reminded me that if I didn’t feel my vision was too much for me to handle, then it’s not a God size vision. That right there made me feel so worthy, made me see that I am as big as my God is. I dont know it made me feel extremely cool sha.

And the testimony in all this is that I triumphed in the battle field of my mind. I began to feel such a positive energy. That experience helped me get back in perspective and with the help of my helper the Holy Spirit, I began again.

Today I’m thankful for quite a number;

  1. I’m thankful for my godly amazing beautiful bestfriend husband.
  2. I’m thankful for my God-given dream that is bigger than me, and in turn makes me feel worthy, adequate, able-to-do-all-things and larger than life!
  3. I’m thankful for the Holy Spirit who literally carries me through life on a smooth sail. You are the best H.S 😚

What are you thankful for today?
  xoxo BGW💕

While We Waited. . .

While we waited, we forgot to dream

We forgot to remember the strength that lies within our frailties
That on our own we are made to soar-
-not without the recognition of the One who is supreme
The One whom in our weakness strengthens our frail forms
Moulding the spark out of our ugly.

While we waited, we trampled on grace
With every wave off’ our silent thoughts, which indeed was made to build our empire
We waited…
For day for night
For chance for ‘green’
We waited, that maybe ‘the man’ may help us stand
Forgetting that on our own we are made to soar-

Why wait still?
Why wait for September rem
Why set the tick of your clock for dawn that would arise at dusk
Why wait
When on your own you were made to soar
Through January, February, March, April till December too
365 days beaded with the glory that you are to make shine

Do you not know, that on your own you are made to soar- ?

xoxoBGW 💕

Overcoming My Greatest Fear

If someone had asked me about 5/6 years ago what my greatest fear was, I’d readily answer “Growing old”😱. Lol yes! I was terribly scared of the thought of growing old. I knew I wanted to live long, but I didn’t want to think of myself in my “grays”, the thought just terrified me.

That’s because the knowledge I had of aging people was sickness, losing teeth, losing eyesight, weak bones, walking stick, wrinkles & gray scanty hair- so I just never wanted to take my mind there, and if I did, I would immediately shake it off like a plague.

This was me 5 to 6 years ago.

I must say, and I’m sure you agree with me, that understanding has a vital role to play in our progress. I understand now that growing old is actually a blessing if and only if I am spending the days of my youth with purpose. I understand that first of all, I must have a passion- something that gives me a reason to live (check✔) then I must improve on myself constantly on the path of “fulfilling my passion” (daily checking✔)👍

I see my self 5 years from now, and I know that I’d be successful at whatever level I’d be, I see myself 10 years from now, and I’m hyper excited at the level of progress I’d have made. I see myself many years from now, and at each level, I view myself as a success, because I’d be living out my passion.❤💃

It took me about 3 things to overcome my greatest fear:

>>>God! everyday I went to Him to deliver me from this fear 🙏 Being constantly in His presence did an awesome and complete work. I got to understand His promises towards me (new creation realities) and how He will everyday renew my youth. That means I don’t have to look wrinkly old as I advance in age. Yay! Best news ever!😂👍💃🙌

>>>My faith in God! The assurance that He can never and will never mismanage my life. The knowledge that even in my unfaithfulness He would remain faithful. The conviction of how much He loves me!

>>>My passion! Everyday something drives me and makes me think of the future. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the fruits of your labor. I equate the reward of my labor to success. I know that all the work I’m doing now (for God and man) and would yet do, will bring me a colorful future (envision a wealthy elderly woman😁it’s a rather beautiful image😍 so why do I still need to fear?) Now I want to live as long as it takes for me to make this dream work, that even if death dares me, my defense is “I HAVE WORK TO COMPLETE!” and until I have, there’s no going anywhere. I strive to hear Him say “Well done good and faithful servant, you have completed the work”

***These are my driving forces now.

I don’t even fear not being able to fulfill my dream because I know that God is forcefully behind the completion of every (beautiful) thing that He is involved in ~Philippians 1:6.

Just wanted to share my healing with you this morning. And I pray that whatsoever has kept you from making progress would shrink and be dissolved by the awesomeness of the God in you👼

Plenty of God’s love guys



Love's Voice

When I was younger, my sisters and I would do “gender specifics” with days and numbers. For instance, we would say number one was a man, two was a woman, even more specifically, three was a fat female, four was a little boy, five a mean woman and so on. Monday was a definitely a man, Tuesday a woman, Wednesday a quiet woman etc. I don’t know if anyone else played this game, but it was so much fun for us back then.

Today, I count two years being married, and I will tell you what I have learnt.

Without knowing it, I had come into marriage for myself. I didn’t realize how badly driven I was at getting my own stuff, until I wasn’t getting it. I knew I’d have a happy marriage, I knew I was gonna have fun and yes so much fun while having fun. However…

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