…for Dreamers, who remember to Stay Awake. Who remember to Chase. Because world changers are the ones who never bat an eyelid. Who never relent. They push and ‘Just Do It’ because they know in the journey for which they are called to run, every moment counts.
And so, their hands are Working hands, their minds are Active minds.

Their hearts are Forgiving hearts, because if their creative juices must keep flowing, there can’t be any room for animosity.

And oh yes! Confidence! Because… “We become confident by expressing who we truly are again and again, by chasing things we truly desire again and again. And so confidence is won by being ourselves, following our dreams, refusing to live any life but our own” ~Brendon Burchard

Cheers to the dreamers, who are not afraid to dream everyday And wear their running shoes, because they know they must chase everyday!

“follow people who remind you to dream” ~remarhed

#Dreamchaser #Dreamcatcher



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