Customize your Monday.

“whai, Customize your whole week!”

This is going to be a short post- uhm, well let’s see 😏


Drink up darlings😉

So I was searching through Megan Hess’ instagram page for a graphic art because I needed an inspirational start at my Monday Coffee post, (btw Megan Hess is a creative artist I have followed on Instagram for about 3 years now) and she made it incredibly frustrating for me, because every of her Monday Coffee art seemed to be customized with a designer label, and none of that was exactly working for me. But it did inspire my Title and ultimately my post. Amidst my search, my thoughts sorta kinda derailed. . . Sigh, Megan Hess, she has so made a name for herself being exceptional at her craft that I picture big named brands eagerly booking her for a branded artwork, because somehow that should make for a valid ad'(vert) {or the feeling that they somehow belong} because, she has become a brand to be reckoned with.

Her artwork trips me so much! you can check them out here

Are we still at a place where Monday is a bore? I’m thinking No? I mean that’s old school isn’t it? Do people still mourn over Mondays? Do they? Is it quite insensitive of me to think that everyone has evolved to being chirpy about Mondays? (all sincere unrhetorical quetions)

Ok so whatever! Maybe Mondays are famous for giving people a hard time, maybe you feel hungover and just want to press the snooze button on Monday, maybe you hate your job and are wondering why I’m just yapping on and on about Monday? (oi it is true, I have said “Monday” quite enough for one post). But how about you customize your Monday? *wide grin* In simpler words, Decide the mood and tone for your Monday.


Now this is something you have to do with intention; take a piece of paper (maybe), write down what itches you most about Monday. Now decide, how can you turn your frown upside down? How can you throw in a splash of rainbow? How can you add a spoon full of sugar to make the medicine to down? For me, music always always works magic. Music is my happy place. If you are like me (and if it’s possible) you’d play a song or two to turn up your vibe while you go through your day, creatively checking through the items on your to-do list.


Side Note: And alas, be sure you are not losing your self in your “9 to 5”, be sure that your day to day has you (some way or the other) on the path of your destiny, because there’s really nothing as gratifying as pleasing God and fulfilling your destiny. For only then can you really truly enjoy the journey called life.

Sooo* * *

What would you do to switch up your joy today? How would you customize your Monday (and your week)?

Do something great with your life, even if in little amazing ways 💕                                                    remarhed.




10 thoughts on “Customize your Monday.

  1. Hehehe bringing out my notepad and putting the itching part of my days in paper and adding a splash of colour. At a point one’s job becomes a routine thereby causing the major dissatisfaction, what you can do is ask God to help you make a difference, you’d be amazed the insight the HolySpirit can give to spice up your job.

    As an aside music 🎶 is my happy place, it wraps me up the way a bubble wrap wraps up a plaque or fragile item and keeps it from breaking, you sure have a partner Rhed, my playlists is amazing 😉😅😅 for those who are not really into music I’d say find your rhythm and borrowing a line from high school musical make God “the music in you” it’s Monday and I am walking on sunshine ☀️☀️ (maybe cos I’m still on leave) *coversface*

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