Overcoming My Greatest Fear

If someone had asked me about 5/6 years ago what my greatest fear was, I’d readily answer “Growing old”😱. Lol yes! I was terribly scared of the thought of growing old. I knew I wanted to live long, but I didn’t want to think of myself in my “grays”, the thought just terrified me.

That’s because the knowledge I had of aging people was sickness, losing teeth, losing eyesight, weak bones, walking stick, wrinkles & gray scanty hair- so I just never wanted to take my mind there, and if I did, I would immediately shake it off like a plague.

This was me 5 to 6 years ago.

I must say, and I’m sure you agree with me, that understanding has a vital role to play in our progress. I understand now that growing old is actually a blessing if and only if I am spending the days of my youth with purpose. I understand that first of all, I must have a passion- something that gives me a reason to live (check✔) then I must improve on myself constantly on the path of “fulfilling my passion” (daily checking✔)👍

I see my self 5 years from now, and I know that I’d be successful at whatever level I’d be, I see myself 10 years from now, and I’m hyper excited at the level of progress I’d have made. I see myself many years from now, and at each level, I view myself as a success, because I’d be living out my passion.❤💃

It took me about 3 things to overcome my greatest fear:

>>>God! everyday I went to Him to deliver me from this fear 🙏 Being constantly in His presence did an awesome and complete work. I got to understand His promises towards me (new creation realities) and how He will everyday renew my youth. That means I don’t have to look wrinkly old as I advance in age. Yay! Best news ever!😂👍💃🙌

>>>My faith in God! The assurance that He can never and will never mismanage my life. The knowledge that even in my unfaithfulness He would remain faithful. The conviction of how much He loves me!

>>>My passion! Everyday something drives me and makes me think of the future. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the fruits of your labor. I equate the reward of my labor to success. I know that all the work I’m doing now (for God and man) and would yet do, will bring me a colorful future (envision a wealthy elderly woman😁it’s a rather beautiful image😍 so why do I still need to fear?) Now I want to live as long as it takes for me to make this dream work, that even if death dares me, my defense is “I HAVE WORK TO COMPLETE!” and until I have, there’s no going anywhere. I strive to hear Him say “Well done good and faithful servant, you have completed the work”

***These are my driving forces now.

I don’t even fear not being able to fulfill my dream because I know that God is forcefully behind the completion of every (beautiful) thing that He is involved in ~Philippians 1:6.

Just wanted to share my healing with you this morning. And I pray that whatsoever has kept you from making progress would shrink and be dissolved by the awesomeness of the God in you👼

Plenty of God’s love guys



12 thoughts on “Overcoming My Greatest Fear

  1. Yes! I just had oats and I don’t plan to have coffee this morning or even today but this is the right amount of crackers I need if I were to have coffee today…lol

    Brown Girl puts crackers on my tray every Monday morning.


    This post just made me think of what I used to be afraid of after I got saved…lol… “I might have to tell you in person”. LOL…It might sound quite silly to you.

    But honestly, we all have our own hidden fears despite the reality and authenticity of the Word in our lives but Jesus being so kind and loving left us with the Holy Spirit who helps us overcome any barrier before us…including our hidden fears.

    Thank God for grace. Thank God for His Son, Jesus. Thank God for life.

    Thank God for hands that are willing to type God’s Word and share encouraging posts…thank God for Brown Girl! 😉

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    1. The blessing of the Holy Spirit is one that cannot be compared! I mean… we can literally do ALL THINGS because we have Him. Lol thanks for reading and commenting sissy 😘


  2. Rhed may God bless you and your well of inspiration will never run dry in Jesus name. Hmmmmn fear! You are aging gracefully I must say! The Lord is my light and my salvation why should I fear. Understanding who God is and working with life’s manual (the bible) goes a long way in reassuring in you and guides you through your version of the valley of shadow of death!

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