While We Waited. . .

While we waited, we forgot to dream

We forgot to remember the strength that lies within our frailties
That on our own we are made to soar-
-not without the recognition of the One who is supreme
The One whom in our weakness strengthens our frail forms
Moulding the spark out of our ugly.

While we waited, we trampled on grace
With every wave off’ our silent thoughts, which indeed was made to build our empire
We waited…
For day for night
For chance for ‘green’
We waited, that maybe ‘the man’ may help us stand
Forgetting that on our own we are made to soar-

Why wait still?
Why wait for September rem
Why set the tick of your clock for dawn that would arise at dusk
Why wait
When on your own you were made to soar
Through January, February, March, April till December too
365 days beaded with the glory that you are to make shine

Do you not know, that on your own you are made to soar- ?

xoxoBGW πŸ’•


6 thoughts on “While We Waited. . .

  1. Finally a poem from you! Now this is the Rhed I met in JSS1! Sometimes we wait for the perfect wind and wave to sail when we should just enter our yacht cos God owns the water and the wind. I had been meaning to comment but but been dunno how to put it in exact words. This got to me Rhed and again I bless God for you. 😘 πŸ€—

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