A dream bigger than me

Yesterday evening while hubby and I were praying, I was in a battle with my mind.

I have a small project which should run in December (details of that would come up on the blog soon by God’s grace 😊), and so I heard a tiny voice ask “do you have to go through with this? Why do you want to stress your self sef?” And as strong as I can be, I found myself considering what this voice had said

I sha continued praying and after we said Amen, my husband who is very good at reading me (oshe) asked me what the problem was. I’m thankful that with him I can be naked and unashamed, so I unashamedly told him how inadequate I felt about the assignments God has given me. I’m thankful again for a husband who knows God and walks closely with Him. After patiently listening to me cry out my concerns, he reminded me that my Father is not a wicked God, and that He will never give me a job to do that He hasn’t already equipped me for. Also, he reminded me that if I didn’t feel my vision was too much for me to handle, then it’s not a God size vision. That right there made me feel so worthy, made me see that I am as big as my God is. I dont know it made me feel extremely cool sha.

And the testimony in all this is that I triumphed in the battle field of my mind. I began to feel such a positive energy. That experience helped me get back in perspective and with the help of my helper the Holy Spirit, I began again.

Today I’m thankful for quite a number;

  1. I’m thankful for my godly amazing beautiful bestfriend husband.
  2. I’m thankful for my God-given dream that is bigger than me, and in turn makes me feel worthy, adequate, able-to-do-all-things and larger than life!
  3. I’m thankful for the Holy Spirit who literally carries me through life on a smooth sail. You are the best H.S 😚

What are you thankful for today?
  xoxo BGW💕


8 thoughts on “A dream bigger than me

  1. Hmmmn! I am thankful for health, I know where I was 7 years ago when no one but God knew I’d graduate that same year because of how bad it as health wise. I’m thankful that I have a job, I am thankful that like Phoenix God helped me to rise from the ashes of a broken relationship-even stronger. I am thankful for constant source of inspiration like yourself. I am thankful for even in the midst of lack God made me like that woman who kept having that last meal till the famine was over. I am thankful for the gift of the HolySpirit, none like Him. I am thankful for a purpose driven life. I am thankful that my birthday will be on a Thankful Thursday 😄. Most of all I am thankful that I have Jesus.

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    1. Wow you have a wealthy thankful list. There’s nothing like the spirit of thanksgiving. It has a way of propelling us to next levels. I’m sure there’d be so much to thank God for on your birthday 😆😆 whoop! #anticipating

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  2. Now on your post, this part struck a cord: “if I didn’t feel my vision was too much for me to handle, then it’s not a God size vision.”

    God bless your hubs! Reminds me of that Ron Kenoly song:
    “If you can use anything Lord you can use me”

    We look forward to your announcing the kick-off of your dream. Always remember, on our own we can’t, God doesn’t expect you to achieve His plans for you on your own, that’s why He’s given you the best One- the HolySpirit, where He’s strength can be made perfect in your weakness.

    Don’t second guess yourself because God knows that at this time, in this country, a vessel will rise to fulfill a particular purpose and I know her name is Rema! The whole world is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God! Daughter is time to show off who your daddy is! #Godfidence 😘

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  3. Thank you for such reminder and encouraging words. Indeed I can’t afford to second guess my call anymore. And indeed at the appointed time, I will manifest all that my Father has invested in me. #Godfidence. Thanks boo 😘


  4. Beautiful piece Rema… Well done👍
    I am thankful for LOVE;the greatest gift of all. God’s love is beautiful👌…It has made life worth living for me.

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