It gets easier the second time you try. . .



Sipping from my little mug of coffee ☕

One day I went on a journey, to get the best braids of my life. Now I had no expectations except that at the end of the day, I should have the best banging braids I’ve ever had on my gorgeous nappy locs.

So, it was some-what a perilous journey, one that had me mounting a bike and then crossing a rope-sized bridge over swampy waters 😢. Quite unappealing I know, and way out of my comfort zone- (as I prefer the finer and neater environments of life), but I kept my eyes on the prize! “I should have the best banging braids Ive ever had on my gorgeous nappy locs” I reminded myself *gulp* I stiffled a smile on my face as I braved my way through the experience -holding my breathe every now and then. And true to the only expectation I had, despite the grubby state of the location, I left with the best banging braids I’ve ever had on my gorgeous nappy locs😍 *flips retrospective banging braids*

What brings me to this musing. . . now that I need to protect my nappy crown once again, because I am kinda sorta definately tired of having to manipulate it every morning, I’m contemplating going back to -you know where *gulps* (or praying she can offer home service without attempting to empty my pocket, using dollar rise as an excuse *rolls eyes*), this decision would become easier to make because I know at the end of it all it’d be worth it.

                                        ☆  ☆  ☆

Actually what brings me to this musing is; difficult decisions that usually need to be made. I’ve been through a lot of those, most of them hurdles that need to be jumped over, tough rope sized bridges that need to be crossed- by that I mean, decisions so vital that the next level of my life depended on it. I’m sure you can easily relate no? And maybe unlike me you are always 100% of the time motivated by challenges. -so today I’m preaching to myself, and to anyone else who sometimes needs a little push: Have a driving force that can sustain you through difficult situations. Like my last hair braiding experience taught me, I’d remind myself that I want to be successful and give my beautiful children a privileged life, touch as many lives as I am graced to, and hear “Well done” from my Father; then I’d brave my way through the hurdles and bridges- because, it actually gets easier the second time you try. 😉

I hope you have a most productive day today! and remember, Impossible is Nothing.

With love,



6 thoughts on “It gets easier the second time you try. . .

  1. Nice write up, I get confuse most times about second Chance but most times second chances really become easier mostly in my line of business. Thanks for the morning special coffee. It helps.

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  2. Very right, Rem. When you remember the joy at the end of the journey, it makes it a bit easier to bear. In this case, thinking of how lovely you’ll look after it’s all over! Lovely read!

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