Thank God it’s Thursday!

Hi guys, what’s new? I mean apart from the recession? Oh that’s old news now. Or is it? Is it really? Has anyone gotten used to the ridiculous price rise of common commodities every blinking minute? Not me I haven’t.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping and I stared at the new price of Sunrise sweet corn like 😲 and I exclaimed “I have watched the price go from 230 to 400 now!” Omaseun o! Inukwa! After exclaiming I still sha carried it and put in my shopping cart lol. What? Because the price has gone up I should forfeit the luxury of a better tasting canned-corn in my husband’s meals? errr God forbid! We are in Nigeria with this recession and all beht we have the odeshi of God Lol! Faithful God! He has caused our light to shine even in the darkness. I mean, how realer can it get? The fact that prices may rise but we will always rise above it.

So today I’m thankful that this recession hasn’t led to depression (oshe rhymes😎) God’s grace has caused me to persevere and made me rise above every challenge. There have been challenges I tell you, but He has made me come through each one stronger and wiser and more patient (I mean this literally)

Thank God it’s Thursday, Another day to be thankful! What are you thankful for?



11 thoughts on “Thank God it’s Thursday!

  1. Thankful for Gods healing and joy unspeakable even after a stillbirth,the joy that fills me and Hubby’s hearts and thankful for our kids that will come and we will nurture…extremely thankful

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