The measured life

begining with the end in mind. . .

How heavy is the load you are carrying? How tight is your schedule? How occupied are your moments? What ever your answer is I hope you are living a life of no regrets.


It can be so easy to take some things for granted when you are chasing the paper. Your life is so occupied with your “9-5” that it’s like nothing else matters. Why it’s good to love work (or the money/satisfaction you get from it), I hope you take more than a moment to remember other things that truly count.

One of my fears about getting a 9-5 employment was having to miss church. I imagined there’d be a time my boss will overload me with work that I’d be too “busy” or tired to attend mid-week service, that thought scared me. And it may sound crazy but I knew I didn’t want to risk it. My life is so dependent on God that I couldn’t put myself in a position where I’d have to debate going for weekday services, or anything that needed me to be in church.

I hope your God Life isn’t suffering under the busy-ness of your Office Life?

And then when you’ve worked tirelessly Monday to Friday, all you want to do during the weekend is sleep and not show up for your friends/family when they have events. I hope you haven’t forgotten the importance of relationships- I hope your Relationships aren’t suffering under the busy-ness of your Office Life.


I hope you have time, to really invest time in your relationship with your spouse, hope you have date nights where you can go see a movie, lick Cold Stone icecreme, or order some ridiculous item off a Chinese menu- I hope your Love Life isn’t suffering under the busy-ness of your Office Life.

Do you have children? I know how the Lagos traffic gets you home late every working day, the house-help is probably doing a good job raising your children for you, but I hope you still find time to teach them about God, and to encourage them to discover their purpose and fulfill their dreams- I hope your Children’s Lives aren’t suffering under the busy-ness of your Office Life.

Do you take out time to improve on your self, attend seminars/self help programs, or to even pamper yourself, a spa date, a scalp massage, a pedicure, to experience an adventure- go bungee jumping, mountain climbing et al, to just breathe! –I hope You aren’t suffering under the busy-ness of your Office Life. 

And when it’s all said and done, are you really doing “the work” He called you here to do? Are you fulfilling purpose? Are you happy? Are you fulfilled? Do you have that knowing in your heart that you are where you are meant to be (or at least on the right path)?- I hope your Purpose isn’t suffering under the busy-ness of your Office Life. 

Sometimes at the end of the week or month, I list out the different segments of my life and I evaluate them, I figure how much I have improved as a person, do I love like I should, am I patient, am I kind, am I forgiving? and I decide the areas I need to put in work. It helps put me in perspective.

At the end of it all, when it’s all said and done, I hope you can truly say you lived a full life




I hear the abundance of rain 😄😊

I have learned to daily practice an attitude of thanksgiving. Some times inbetween conversations and activities I’d pause and say “Thank You Jesus”. Sometimes when I feel extremely frustrated I pause and thank Him, because somehow I know everything’s gonna be alright all because I have Him. Lately I’ve been feeling so hopeful, the joy of the Lord has been bubbling on my inside despite challenges. You know how you can just be feeling happy and if someone asked you why you can’t really tell? yea, that’s how I feel, only- I can tell why.


My hubs and I make certain positive confessions every morning before we leave home; and I can tell you it’s working. If not anything, it changes my perception/perspective -it helps me to expect only good things. We are currently working on a project and I’m super excited because I’m so sure it’s going to be the begining of great things!


Today I’m thankful for 2017. God has been ever faithful through out 2016 and I can only imagine what it’s going to be like next year, since the path of the just is like a shining light that shines brighter and brighter. I’m so eager to welcome in the new year! I’m so ready! Come here (brighter) 2017, lemme hug you!


Your reggae, My blues.

A candid write about owning your rhythm-

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“What ails you my child? has the pressure of trying to measure up now become too heavy on your shoulders?”


I saw this pic-post on a friends ig page and it spoke volumes to what brutish torture most of us are under these days.

Disclaimer: do not swallow this pill except it fits your prescription. Aziiiin, this post may not apply to all y’all, but perhaps it does to you? (. . .Or maybe I’m just low-key talking to myself 😒)

Back to the picture that inspired this post. . .


I get a lot worn out and distracted sometimes, and I came to realize that it’s because I try to do so much all at once. I try to do so much, that I don’t fully commit to the one. In my defence, I’m like a rainbow in a glass cup, a colorful paint ball waiting to explode, a galaxy colored unicorn with wings -God blessed me with many gifts, Im like that servant with 5 talents– so most times I feel I’m powerful enough to multitask. But I guess no one is that powerful. I know the bible says we can do allthings, but there’s no way you can attempt multiple goals all at once without one or all suffering a deficiency.

One of the reasons I try to do everything at once is because the world seems to be on a fastforward, everything and everyone seems to be moving so fast. I see a lot of people do big things, I feel proud for them, and I so want to feel proud of myself too. I don’t want time to run out while I’m still 1/3 way through my race. Sigh. The pressures we put ourselves under because we feel we need to measure up. Sigh. So this stress got me all wrapped up in a warp and I knew I had to scream, to sha get a release. I asked the HolySpirit to give me someone I could talk to for counsel, and while I spoke with Pee (my sister n bestfriend) about it she dropped a Rhema, she said, “focus on one gift and be committed to it- that one gift will lead you to all the others”. She called me to gist about something else o, but after our conversation, that was all the release I needed. (Thank you HS)


Knowing that everyone is gifted differently~ we may all be running one race, but we have different lanes. Different strengths. Different weaknesses. Different seasons. Different times. Different *fill in the gap*. It’s wise to identify your strengths, know what you can handle per time, don’t be a longa throat and bite more than you can chew or else you might choke on it, lol hellar. Find your pace, and maintain your rhythm.

So now this is me, swaying to my blues 💃 while I let you boogie to your raggae.

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Gosh I hope this wasn’t too long a read. 🙈


☆○☆○ browngirlwriter❤

Voices in my head😵

. . .Do you recognize The Voice?


I can’t count how many times I’ve had to shout “shut up” without the person beside me giving me a quizzical stare.

Yea. I have episodes in my head. Sometimes I like them, some times I don’t. Sometimes they paint me rainbow flowers, othertimes I scream and run within bars. The voices in my head. Joyce Meyer calls it the battlefield of the mind. I think I must have been promoted to Major General by now, because I’ve fought these battles for very long.

These voices can sound creepily real to the point of believing. Have you ever been at the top of a 4 story high building and you hear “jump”? The voice even seems to come with a nudge, like,  jump, don’t worry I’ll help you. Ha ha, ha ha ha!

Lol it is not my intention to creep you out with this short post. I’m presently on my study table, trying to do some writing and I hear a voice tell me I am inadequate, HA! Get thee behind me satan(Auto correct wants to spell with capital S. Eskius me, he doesn’t deserve that type of respect pls hahah no) I know who I am! I don’t need any one else to validate me! I know who I am.

See how I clapped back like I was killing an annoyingly buzzing mosquito, yea, that’s how I shut the devil up when he doesn’t know how to respect himself. Fortunately for me, I have learned to use the voice of God my Father to override any other condecending voice. I know I was made for greatness! Why else could I have been born! I mean the mere fact that the devil is fighting hard to tell me otherwise, he must be afraid of what I carry.

I stay winning. 100% victory 100% of the time.

Ok lemme go back to my writing. Just wanted to share this with you, hope it wasn’t too weird lol.

Have a great day luvies.

From 2013 with love💕

Hi guys. I apologize for missing this week’s Monday Coffee post. I was working on another project and kindda forgot to schedule today’s post to publish on an early morning schedule.
I have however slated today’s Monday Coffee to post next week Monday. I do hope you look forward to it.
Thanks for always being here 😘. In the mean time, I’d leave you something to read -a book review I did 3years and 7 months ago on my old blog.
P.s: I’d be introducing a Book-Chapter review section on my blog soon. I’m pretty much excited about this 💃#Anticipate
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Romancing the Stone

In the spirit of the sabbath, lemme share with you something from one of my very favorite persons in this world, Michelle McKinney Hammond. Her book “A Sassy Girl’s Guide to Loving God” is one of her books that bring a smile to my heart (going through the table of contents alone). I’ll pick a chapter today and share with you so perhaps your Heart can smile too☺


picture credit:Zakari Atta

Romancing the Stone ❤❤❤
“If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right” most of us can sing the lyrics to this song and clearly have one person in mind. This identified person colors the inside of your world 😍, there’s nothing you’d ever do to hurt him/her, n God forbid that you do behind his/her back something that they didn’t approve of. Thats how much we love when we love the ones that we love.

Many of us claim to love God in a greater way. We are ready to shout “Lord I love you” while tearing up in worship, but most of us don’t get the depth of this love. Here’s a good question, “How much should we love God? And how do we show that love?” Here’s Jesus’ answer:
“If u love Me, u will keep My commandments.”
~John 14:15 NASB

Our obedience to God is equated to the sign of our love for Him. If I say I love Him, I should be willing to please Him at all cost (like I would willingly want to please my lover). Truth is, some of our obedience has had nothing to do with God, rather because we feared the consequences of our actions more than we feared God.

There’s an instance of a lady learning a new language because her lover asked her to learn his language; wanting so much to please him, she learned the whole language. Lol, that’s how far most of us can go with our love. That’s how far love can drive u. So, dropping some profane words from your vocabulary, deciding not to go to that suspicious night party, choosing not to identify with anything that doesn’t represent God, shouldn’t look like a death sentence to you.

If we have invited Jesus into our hearts, then we should be willing to clean up so that He can be comfortable and joyful in His new abode, don’t let Him have to step over dirty underwear, spoiled food, and various kind of garbage in your heart. Instead let Him help you clean it up, He wants to make a love nest in your soul. He delights in showing Himself strong for you (But He waits for you to ask) “Just as the Father has loved Me, I have also loved you; abide in My love.” ~John 15:9 NASB

Love your lover, love your beau, love your better half to bits. But don’t let the “true Lover of your soul” get the leftovers of your heart. Look pretty on the inside for the One who loves you the most. Love what He loves, hate what He hates. Don’t let your Lovers name be disgraced cuz of your actions (2 Samuel 12:13).
Love ’til it hurts! love God ’til it hurts!!! That’s the perfect example Jesus showed to us (Hebrews 5:8)

There’s a whole lot more this chapter/book is pregnant with, maybe I’d share on some other day, or maybe you can rush for your copy😊


My love life has sweetly improved and I’ve discovered the ultimate relationship. I have decided to be obedient to God because I love Him and I would never want to hurt His heart.

Thank you Michelle, I love you.💓

Of Kings, and Their Inner Chambers 

Proverbs 22:29 Amplified Bible (AMP)

Do you see a man skillful and experienced in his work?
He will stand [in honor] before kings;
He will not stand before obscure men.

For some reason, valid or not, experience seems to trump (just)skill. The odds are, people will readily trust someone who has practiced a skill for say 5 years, over another who has practiced same skill for 2 years. It is rightfully assumed that More Experience = More Strength (or so). So in essence, skill is usually not enough.

It can get awfully discouraging when life/work/business or a project you’ve been working on is slow paced -giving up is often an option. I’ve had one of those episodes -I mean the one of giving up (even with my writing). It’s sooo tempting to just “give” when things get hard, when nothing seems to be responding to your constant push. But then you know, every successful story began with it’s trying times -do I begin to mention all the big name brands of today that began in a garage, or did you get that memo already?

But then the idea is to keep doing what you are doing. When life throws you a curve ball, it’s testing your creativity, so allow your skill be stretched by the experience. Like my friend Sandy says, “na from clap music dey start” lol- continue to do the little things till it becomes a big thing. Soon enough the who is who’s of your field will request that you come for a meeting at their holiday inn in the Bahamas😄 (somebody say amen!). And then you’d be able to say all that stress was worth it.

“The King rewards you, not just for the work you do, but for the years you have put into the work you do”.


Work on yourself. Improve yourself. Sharpen your craftAttend seminars. Network. Challenge yourself. Move with a crowd that challenges you to be a better stronger version of yourself. Leave your comfort zone. Look for new and more exciting ways to do your seemingly regular activities. Want change and allow the change. Dare to be different. These days, different is more exciting. It might seem like I’m saying alot, I’m simply reading out the menu for today’s coffee, select your combo and enjoy your refreshing order as it starts you off on your new week! 😉

Cheers, BGW❤