Always Wear Your Invisible Crown👑

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My title today is, Always Wear Your Invisible Crown. The title I guess I can say is (lemme use a word I hear my dad use alot, lol) onomatopoeic. Okay don’t mind me it does not exactly mean the same, but I mean to say you can deduce the message I’m abt to bring from the title #whew. Ok enough and on to my short not so short message.

Every one has a uniqueness about them that has the abilty to make them shine; that som’n som’n that without stress you can do well enough. It could be that you are a gifted talker, and fortunately for you, you can make 10 well articulated speeches in the gap of 10 minutes (ok maybe that’s a bit exaggerated, lol). Maybe you find that you are critical about almost everything- to the point it’s so extra. Or maybe you are artsy-crafty and are really good with DIY’s (do it yourself); If there’s a strength/ability that makes you stand out (how ever irrelevant it seems), that there is your invisible crown.

 Look for opportunities to contribute yourself to your world. Volunteer in your local assembly when opportunities come up. Look for opportunities to grow your abilities (search on Google if you may). How ever trivial you think your “common” strength is, you can grow it to become something big. -I mean, there are innumerable examples on social media today; people getting Endorsements because they shared their “funny” on instagram (*coughs* even Bobrisky is now paid for special appearance at shows *coughs*). The secret is to just do it, Make a move. Express yourself. Go all out. Participate in this journey called life. Ordinary doesn’t win anymore. It’s okay to be extra (with reason sha).

Bottom line is, you’d be doing yourself and your world a great injustice if you refuse to let this light of yours so shine! 

I bring you a message to challenge you; refuse to play the “background”, don’t get comfotable in the shadows, don’t be lazy, anything is possible, God makes “beautiful” out of ugly! Be confident! Let your abilities make you lead! Let your gifts and talents make room for you! Be consistent! Be the best you that you can be everyday! Sprinkle the fairy dust of your unique “fabulosness” on the world! Wear Your Invisible Crown! And most of all, be the change you want to see in this world!

I hope I made some sense here? *runs away*

See you “hereygain” tomorrow (hopefully)

xoxo browngirlwriter. 


4 thoughts on “Always Wear Your Invisible Crown👑

  1. You more than made sense my dear. It reminds me of the window in the bible, she was in debt in 2 Kings 4, when she cried to Elisha, multiplication came from the little oil she had. We should bless people with what we have no matter how inconsequential we think it is- to some it is a big deal. We should air our talents out, those jokes/ funny videos on instagram has probably helped other people through heartbreaks, those out-of-the-box critics has probably helped some business owner get better at their craft.

    My best part- “Ordinary just doesn’t do it anymore”.

    Bless you Rhed!

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  2. Thanks you Rema for this post it is indeed so encouraging. Your posts always come to me at the right time and always have a way of helping me move on.

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