Love's Voice

Don’t be shy when I hold and swing your hand in public
When I barge into your office just to kiss you and leave my fragrance on your TM Lewin shirt
When I call you the name that brings out the boy in you, when you find another love letter under your after shave bottle, or in your suit pocket… Don’t be shy. Its just me loving you in the most beautiful ways! 

We’ll watch your favorite sport every saturday
We will eat plenty fish and roast beef~ I perceive you would be a culinary sweet heart… even though I take pleasure in making yr special meals. 
On sunday evenings we’ll cruise around town, taking in nature’s scent and thinkn’ of many ways to bless our world! 

You would love Jesus and be completely sold out to God’s Kingdom~ after all, that’s how you’d find me. 


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• rhed • Beloved Disciple • Servant Leader • Brown Girl Writer • Nappy Crown • The Traveler’s Wife

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