Love's Voice

…this princess was made to be a queen… her father will make her one.

Once my smile was the loveliest
My garment the prettiest
I walked with grace
You could sing my praise

Never was it heard that a Prince would hurt a Princess
For he was trained to have a King’s sense
He didn’t mince his words
And you never did dare his sword

See, I have been forced
Into a curse
I am imprisoned
In this garment of crimson

I was serving bread
Because I truly cared
My treasure was not to be sold
How could he have been so cold?

Now my story is told
Many say I wasn’t bold
Daddy rejects
Mama regrets

I didn’t sell it
No one wants to hear me tell it
Instead they hold on to their dogma
I have become a stigma…

I hurt, I hurt, I really hurt
I wish…

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Published by rema ☆

• rhed • Beloved Disciple • Servant Leader • Brown Girl Writer • Nappy Crown • The Traveler’s Wife

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