. . .Do you recognize The Voice?


I can’t count how many times I’ve had to shout “shut up” without the person beside me giving me a quizzical stare.

Yea. I have episodes in my head. Sometimes I like them, some times I don’t. Sometimes they paint me rainbow flowers, othertimes I scream and run within bars. The voices in my head. Joyce Meyer calls it the battlefield of the mind. I think I must have been promoted to Major General by now, because I’ve fought these battles for very long.

These voices can sound creepily real to the point of believing. Have you ever been at the top of a 4 story high building and you hear “jump”? The voice even seems to come with a nudge, like,  jump, don’t worry I’ll help you. Ha ha, ha ha ha!

Lol it is not my intention to creep you out with this short post. I’m presently on my study table, trying to do some writing and I hear a voice tell me I am inadequate, HA! Get thee behind me satan(Auto correct wants to spell with capital S. Eskius me, he doesn’t deserve that type of respect pls hahah no) I know who I am! I don’t need any one else to validate me! I know who I am.

See how I clapped back like I was killing an annoyingly buzzing mosquito, yea, that’s how I shut the devil up when he doesn’t know how to respect himself. Fortunately for me, I have learned to use the voice of God my Father to override any other condecending voice. I know I was made for greatness! Why else could I have been born! I mean the mere fact that the devil is fighting hard to tell me otherwise, he must be afraid of what I carry.

I stay winning. 100% victory 100% of the time.

Ok lemme go back to my writing. Just wanted to share this with you, hope it wasn’t too weird lol.

Have a great day luvies.


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