A candid write about owning your rhythm-

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“What ails you my child? has the pressure of trying to measure up now become too heavy on your shoulders?”


I saw this pic-post on a friends ig page and it spoke volumes to what brutish torture most of us are under these days.

Disclaimer: do not swallow this pill except it fits your prescription. Aziiiin, this post may not apply to all y’all, but perhaps it does to you? (. . .Or maybe I’m just low-key talking to myself πŸ˜’)

Back to the picture that inspired this post. . .


I get a lot worn out and distracted sometimes, and I came to realize that it’s because I try to do so much all at once. I try to do so much, that I don’t fully commit to the one. In my defence, I’m like a rainbow in a glass cup, a colorful paint ball waiting to explode, a galaxy colored unicorn with wings -God blessed me with many gifts, Im like that servant with 5 talents– so most times I feel I’m powerful enough to multitask. But I guess no one is that powerful. I know the bible says we can do allthings, but there’s no way you can attempt multiple goals all at once without one or all suffering a deficiency.

One of the reasons I try to do everything at once is because the world seems to be on a fastforward, everything and everyone seems to be moving so fast. I see a lot of people do big things, I feel proud for them, and I so want to feel proud of myself too. I don’t want time to run out while I’m still 1/3 way through my race. Sigh. The pressures we put ourselves under because we feel we need to measure up. Sigh. So this stress got me all wrapped up in a warp and I knew I had to scream, to sha get a release. I asked the HolySpirit to give me someone I could talk to for counsel, and while I spoke with Pee (my sister n bestfriend) about it she dropped a Rhema, she said, “focus on one gift and be committed to it- that one gift will lead you to all the others”. She called me to gist about something else o, but after our conversation, that was all the release I needed. (Thank you HS)


Knowing that everyone is gifted differently~ we may all be running one race, but we have different lanes. Different strengths. Different weaknesses. Different seasons. Different times. Different *fill in the gap*. It’s wise to identify your strengths, know what you can handle per time, don’t be a longa throat and bite more than you can chew or else you might choke on it, lol hellar. Find your pace, and maintain your rhythm.

So now this is me, swaying to my blues πŸ’ƒ while I let you boogie to your raggae.

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Gosh I hope this wasn’t too long a read. πŸ™ˆ


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  1. Was totally surprised to see today’s post- good surprise though! So simply put don’t try to be all at once, the oil in your lamp my just burn out when you try to be all at once. Yes we are multitaskers but there’s the room to be the best you can be in your strongest point, can I channel my other gifts 🎁 through the one I’m very strong at? I am sure you can, reminds me of Chinese restaurants, you eat and you get fortune cookies, with fortunes of course, so I will stay on my lane, focus on one gift at a time and others will shine through. Your sis was definitely right about distractions, one will definitely suffer. My thoughts are scattered right now and I hope I make sense at the end, lol πŸ˜‚ even in the things of the Kingdom it’s segmented some are called to be teachers, some fighters (the Benjamins), some worshippers (the levites), there’s a reason God did it that way, after all in the parable of the talents, he gave the 5talent one extra talent of the 1talent guy, truth is we may end up with the Martha syndrome and miss the one thing we are supposed to make big impact with. #Gracias no one is putting pressure on me but me! Thanks Rhed and good luck in making sense of this πŸ˜‰πŸ˜­


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