begining with the end in mind. . .

How heavy is the load you are carrying? How tight is your schedule? How occupied are your moments? What ever your answer is I hope you are living a life of no regrets.


It can be so easy to take some things for granted when you are chasing the paper. Your life is so occupied with your “9-5” that it’s like nothing else matters. Why it’s good to love work (or the money/satisfaction you get from it), I hope you take more than a moment to remember other things that truly count.

One of my fears about getting a 9-5 employment was having to miss church. I imagined there’d be a time my boss will overload me with work that I’d be too “busy” or tired to attend mid-week service, that thought scared me. And it may sound crazy but I knew I didn’t want to risk it. My life is so dependent on God that I couldn’t put myself in a position where I’d have to debate going for weekday services, or anything that needed me to be in church.

I hope your God Life isn’t suffering under the busy-ness of your Office Life?

And then when you’ve worked tirelessly Monday to Friday, all you want to do during the weekend is sleep and not show up for your friends/family when they have events. I hope you haven’t forgotten the importance of relationships-Β I hope your Relationships aren’t suffering under the busy-ness of your Office Life.


I hope you have time, to really invest time in your relationship with your spouse, hope you have date nights where you can go see a movie, lick Cold Stone icecreme, or order some ridiculous item off a Chinese menu-Β I hope your Love Life isn’t suffering under the busy-ness of your Office Life.

Do you have children? I know how the Lagos traffic gets you home late every working day, the house-help is probably doing a good job raising your children for you, but I hope you still find time to teach them about God, and to encourage them to discover their purpose and fulfill their dreams- I hope your Children’s Lives aren’t suffering under the busy-ness of your Office Life.

Do you take out time to improve on your self, attend seminars/self help programs, or to even pamper yourself, a spa date, a scalp massage, a pedicure, to experience an adventure- go bungee jumping, mountain climbing et al, to just breathe! –I hope You aren’t suffering under the busy-ness of your Office Life.Β 

And when it’s all said and done, are you really doing “the work” He called you here to do? Are you fulfilling purpose? Are you happy? Are you fulfilled? Do you have that knowing in your heart that you are where you are meant to be (or at least on the right path)?- I hope your Purpose isn’t suffering under the busy-ness of your Office Life.Β 

Sometimes at the end of the week or month, I list out the different segments of my life and I evaluate them, I figure how much I have improved as a person, do I love like I should, am I patient, am I kind, am I forgiving? and I decide the areas I need to put in work. It helps put me in perspective.

At the end of it all, when it’s all said and done, I hope you can truly say you lived a full life




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  1. Hey Rhed, nice post, especially great for a Monday. I have just started learning to smell the roses in my life and i must say i am enjoying it. As funny or untrue as it may seem, making time out, or having the balanced life has actually helped me see better, plan better, love better, keep in touch better, be better, it has given me the opportunity to have a different perspective. It’s really easy to fall back into the busyness routine, so post like this helps me/us constantly check my/ourselves and ensure we are not guilty of the questions you asked at the end of each paragraph. Romans 8:19- 19 For [even the whole] creation [all nature] waits eagerly for the children of God to be revealed. (how can we be revealed if we are stuck being busy?) Thanks for the black coffee, no cream, no sugar, just as i like it. πŸ˜‰

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  2. Truth talk Rema, so busy that a lot suffer for it , but with this post you just remind me to really balance my life even with the “busyness thing”. Thanks rema,this post mean a lot to me. I think it is time to draw the lines and plan better.

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  3. Rhed this is totally inspiring i must say , i thought to my self am i doing as much as i ought to when it comes to the things of God ?? And sometimes i am scared to answer that , but with this thought provoking message am inspired to love God with all of my heart , to ensure my career and my job do not take the place of my dealings with Christ and my loved ones . Your write up is totally exceptional , thanks for making us realise a bit of what we are missing in our busy lives . God bless you.

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    1. Steven! You are most welcomeπŸ˜† Thank you for taking out time to read. I’m glad it had you do some rethinking. Very important. May God give us grace to prioritise our priorities in Jesus name.


  4. Hi love,
    This is the second post I’ve read and it’s been my best so far… I can so absolutely relate… God bless you for writing this piece to remind us all of the richness of our lives and how we’ve become so focussed on the 9-5 roll. I’ve recently been blessed by the insight that the essence of life is truly how we make people feel and the legacy we leave behind. Surely… God’s plan for our lives is way beyond the 9-5!!! Bless you dear..Xx

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    1. Hey hun! Thanks for taking out time to read. I’m glad it resonated to you. The fact that we must consciously endeavour to live meaningful lives. We are lost for time, we must make sure every of our moments count.


  5. Thanks Boo, this just came as a reminder and at the right time. Its time to live a balanced life *with the help of God* i have allowed somethings to suffer lately due to “9-5”. i have to turndown the Busy-ness and turnup a Balanced life. #turndownTOturnup. BTW sweerie,av really missed you.hope we see before the year winds up.

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