. . .about Thanksgiving

Can I just briefly share with you (as I remind myself), one major lesson on thanksgiving I learned on Tuesday as our special guest worship minister (Pst. Chintok) led us in a deep worship experience. He dropped major “Rhema” inbetweeners as he ministered. One Rhema that I cannot even try to forget was about Thanksgiving.

There are days when I try hard to think of something significant to be thankful for. On those days, I really try. Not that there isn’t a lot lot to be thankful for, but because I’m in the waiting phase of believing. Almost like, let this *insert desire* come to pass so I can have something to be thankful for. And so when Pst Chintok mentioned this profound statement about thanksgiving it hit me real hard, I was like snapping my fingers and hmmmming. He said, and I quote, “Thanksgiving aligns you back to the will of God” (let me leeve you to meditate on that for a bit).

Thanksgiving refuels your faith while you patiently wait.


So today, I’m thankful for the blessings that require my patience. I know they’ coming, I know they are! I can see it! with my eyes of faith I see it!

#stayThankful #always #IsaidAlways! #especiallyWhenYouAreStartingToDoubt #letThanksgivingRefuelYourFaith!

yo gurl BrownGirlWriter ❤


2 thoughts on “. . .about Thanksgiving

  1. I have been learning a lot on thanksgiving these days, reading your post made me consciously tell myself- thank God while you are patiently waiting. Thanks Rhed and Pastor Chintok


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