. . .of the Wonders my eyes have seen!

My today’s Thankful Thursday gratitude is on behalf of all Lekki-Epe express road users 😅
2017 is our year of Miracles, and we have already started recording the miracles o! I meaaaan! I was constantly asking “where is everybody in Lekki?” for about 2days into the new year. The road has been so free my people, I say come and see American wonder!

When my husband told me it took him just 5minutes to get home from church after rehearsals last Friday, I was so certain he was exaggerating. Alas on Tuesday the 3rd of January, after service was over and we started off on our journey home at about past 9, I kid you not, under 5 minutes, I say, under 5 minutes😢 we were at our estate gate. (Can I have just a few people who understand this testimony gather around for a bit?) A journey that would usually cost us at least 1 hour plus, (elegushi to 2nd toll gate) took just 5 minutes!!! we were literally looking at the car clock and counting as each minute passed.
All it took was, a little common sense, unselfishness and demolishing those stadium-sized roundabouts and Lekki-Epe express road users can get home in good time after a tiring day and prepare for work tomorrow.

Abi did I miss the memo and everyone has relocated? or it’s because of the holidays? 🤔 How else can I explain Tuesday night without saying Miracles are real!

Whatever the case, let me take the liberty to prophesy Miracles your way through out this year! It takes believing to be able to receive, so live everyday of this year conciously expecting miracles to happen to and through you in Jesus name!

God’s Love and Peace and Favor and Light,



2 thoughts on “. . .of the Wonders my eyes have seen!

  1. hahaha i don’t stay in Lekki but i understand your pain, late last year i had a reason to be at the Lekki county homes on a SUNDAY, there was still traffic to and fro…i mean- on a SUNDAY. I was like Lekki is such a beautiful area to live in but the traffic has spoilt the appeal and beauty. Congrats Rhed and my darling Lekki-Epe road users, and indeed this year, i prophesy that whatever is spoiling the beauty of our lives will be broken down (just like those humongous roundabouts) in Jesus name! What an interesting TT 😉

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    1. Amen ooo! After writing the post I was hoping I didn’t speak too early, lol. But there’s still road construction going on. We believe everything will be beautiful when they are done and dusted. Lol. Thanks for always stopping by boo


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