About Spirituality. . .

. . .To first of all state this truth, that “religion” and “spirituality” are on two separate wave lengths- meaning “don’t be confused, they don’t mean the same thing”. A person can be super religious without necessarily being spiritual. Religion is like a label, or a trend, and if you say you are religious it means you are simply part of a trend, or following the band wagon. Now spirituality on the other hand is a relationship, a personal relationship with God.

I have a bestfriend whom I love very much. His name is Paul. I enjoy talking to him, I enjoy listening to him talk back to me. I love it when we gist, when we can just look at each other and share a private joke with our eyes. I like to spend time with my best friend -almost 24hours matter of fact- and when I’m not with him I miss him sorely. When I experience something new, interesting or not, I’m eager to relate the tales to him.

I like to think of my relationship with God in the same simplicity. He called Abraham “friend”! Friend? Well that means I can talk about just anything with Him just like I would with Paul. He came down every evening to gist with Adam at the garden of Eden- It means I am worthy of His presence whenever and wherever, that’s how ever present He is. I don’t have to be stiff when I relate with Him, I can feel free to shoot him a message just to say “I love You”! It means if I ask, I can know exactly what He thinks of me and wants for/from me. It’s actually that simple. That I can ask His opinion about any and everything- I mean, that would save me a whole lot of heart aches and losses.

I believe a relationship with God is the most fulfilling relationship any person can have. And just like every other relationship, a relationship with God needs to be worked on.

Let’s make conscious effort to spend time with Him- morning, afternoon, anytime of the day. No matter what you are occupied with, let His presence saturate you. You can just ask Him a quick question, and listen to Him answer you right back. I talk to Him when I’m cooking, I ask Him to help me cook and I get directions on the right amount of ingredients per meal. Since I spend a lot of time in my kitchen, I’ve dedicated it specially to gisting with God (my Father), and ultimately, this regular relating with Him fills up my day with fulfilment. There’s nothing as beautiful as knowing what’s on God’s mind per time.

Take it from me😉

Be deliberate about your Spiritual Growth. You eat food to nourish your body…You need the Word of God to nourish your spirit. Spiritual growth takes effort on your part (Faith comes by hearing, and hearing   by the Word of God -Romans 10:17) Eat the Word, Speak the Word, Do the Word, Live the Word. Let your life speak before your lips move. God loves you!



3 thoughts on “About Spirituality. . .

  1. hmmmmmm.words are not enough to express how I feel right now. thank you so much for making me have a better understanding on how to relate to God and on how to have a healthy relationship wit God our maker.

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