Thankful Thursday

Hello my people 😁! Hope you had a productive day? I'm just here contemplating how to begin today's post 🤔 But let me just get to it already! On Saturday in a meeting for "Just Us Girls", my Pastor M(Mildred) made me realize the fulfillment of psalm 121:2 in my life o! "My help comes… Continue reading Thankful Thursday


Begin Again!

Disclaimer: Not everyone who reads this post will have a Eureka moment, but I know there's "that one person". and so, dear That One Person, it is for you I make this post. I remember how many times I've been so pumped up to chase after my goals I do not remember the number… Continue reading Begin Again!

Thankful Thursday

Truly there's always always something to be thankful for (no matter how minor it seems!)- If you doubt that, take a moment of your time and honestly think back. Have you done that? Did you think of atleast one thing you feel privileged to be experiencing? Like the gift of sight to read this post.… Continue reading Thankful Thursday

The decision making closet.

Intentional ɪnˈtɛnʃ(ə)n(ə)l/ adjective done on purpose; deliberate. synonyms: calculated, conscious, intended, planned, meant, considered, studied, knowing, wilful, purposeful, premeditated, thought out in advance etc. ☆ ☆ ☆ One word that is definitely the hallmark of my 2018 is "Intentional". Because you know you can't make a positive change in your life until you decide to… Continue reading The decision making closet.