Truly there’s always always something to be thankful for (no matter how minor it seems!)- If you doubt that, take a moment of your time and honestly think back. Have you done that? Did you think of atleast one thing you feel privileged to be experiencing? Like the gift of sight to read this post. Are you thankful for it?

☆ ☆ ☆

I’m grateful for a lot! But my special gratitude post today is for my beautiful princess, Zoey-Maya. Amongst many other things, I’m eternally grateful for her Divine Health! God has been too faithful in Protecting, Preserving, Providing for and Perfecting her. When I was still doing my antenatal, I watched as a certain mother who put to bed during that period kept brining her new born to the hospital for one issue or the other until I gave birth. So I do not take it for granted that from Zoey’s birth till date she has remained in perfect health! I believe that divine health through out our years is a possibility, because it has been my reality for as long as I can remember- and so I know that all of her years will be in Divine health.

About two Sundays ago, Maya had a terrible cough! One that kept waking her up from her sleep. The cough was so coarse that I felt her pain. She wasn’t accepting her vitamins, she simply spit out the whole thing after I gave it to her. So I blessed my breast milk, declared it to be the blood of Jesus and that became her medication. The healing God gave my baby was so swift! By the next night the cough was gone! I was so grateful because how else could I have eased the pain of my little one? But God is faithful in His love for her.

I also believe that the importance of a name and it’s meaning cannot be over emphasised. I love how her name makes it so easy to prophesy over her life. Zoey means The God Kind of Life, and I confess the God Kind of Life over her morning noon and night- basically anytime I am led to. God cannot be sick so you Zoey-Maya cannever be sick! God can never be molested, neither can you Zoey! The blood of Jesus flows through your veins and is steady revitalizing all of your organs. You are protected, provided for, preserved and perfected by God. And I know that He who has began this beautiful work that is your life is faithful to see you to the completion of your work here on earth.

Thank You Father!




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