So, what exactly is a Pre-poo, and why do I need to pre-poo before I wash my hair? you ask!


Well, I’ve here prepared some points you should take down for your next wash day πŸ˜‰


What is a pre-poo?

A pre-poo is an oil treatment applied to the hair prior to shampooing, to protect the hair shaft from the drying effects of your shampoo.


now going right at it;

What are the benefits of a pre-poo?

β€’ A pre-poo does wonders for the hair; apart from making wash day relatively easier, it works to condition your cuticles and prepare your hair for further manipulation.

β€’ It also restores lost moisture and sheen to the hair shaft while preventing the shampoo from stripping the hair follicles off its natural oils.

β€’ Including a pre-poo to your regular wash day routine helps detangle the hair; and as you must know, detangling your strands before washing it reduces the chances of breakage.

A pre-poo treatment is often done using an oil (blend), but you can easily infuse your favorite conditioner and or, a humectant such as honey.


Here are my top 4 DIY pre-poo treatments

β€’ Good ol’ Coconut oil: coconut oil is very beneficial for a pre-poo treatment as it easily penetrates the hair shaft and makes for an ultra defined curl pattern, super soft and moisturized locks.

β€’ Aloe Vera and your oil mix: for extra moisture and shine.

β€’ Avocado, honey and olive oil: for moisturized and shiny locks

β€’ Conditioner plus your choice of oil. This mixture makes for easy detangling and manipulation and incredibly soft locks.


How to do a pre-poo treatment

β€’ Section your hair into four (or more)

β€’ Apply your pre-poo (mixture); saturating your strands from root to end, then hold it up in a double strand twist or bantu knot to prevent tangles.

β€’ Sit under a steam cap, or cover your hair with a plastic cap and allow pre-poo sit for about 30 minutes.

β€’ Rinse thoroughly.

β€’ Proceed with your fave shampoo


In closing I’d say, in order to get the best out of your pre-poo treatment, do it on dry hair. Doing it on damp or wet hair makes the oil sit on the hair hence working as a sealant rather than penetrating the hair shaft to protect it from cuticular damage. Also, be sure to use a penetrating oil. Some oils take longer time to penetrate the hair shaft and so may not be of much benefit in a pre-poo treatment. Example of penetrating oils are: unrefined coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil or babassu oil.


If you don’t already have pre-poo as part of your wash day routine, do you consider it worth a try?

If you do, what is your favorite pre-poo treatment? please share with us


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