. . .striving to make the best choices!


So. . . this is a 3 in one post;

1. Book review (sort of ish)


2. Coffee Break

and. . .

3. Throw back; because well, this post should have come last Friday, or yesterday 😁


β˜† β˜† β˜†


One of my very favorite things about my current read and #bookofthemonth,

A Woman After God's Heart

is that every page fills me with a passion to be better and do better.


Today for my #ThrowbackThursday post, I’d share simple yet relevant points to take note of as you strive to make the best choices.


Good. . . Better. . . Best! Choose Best.

  • Make your life count every day; and for eternity. Be sure that what ever activity you are involved in per day counts for something (in this life and in the one after)
  • Choose the One Thing, the necessary thing, each day for the rest of your life. This should basically keep you from getting worked up over something that in the grand scheme of things, doesn’t matter much. No time to wallow in unforgiveness when you are busy choosing the “necessary” things. so ask your self: “is this necessary?” if it’s not, then please move on from it.
  • Do not let routine, or the pressing matters of your minutes, bankrupt you from having the most exciting and fulfilling relationship in life. True inner peace and joy comes as you nurture a heart of devotion to God. God wants to be number one in your life, the priority above all priorities! Make your life count for the Kingdom.

All in all, before you make a decision, if you want it to be the best decision, remember to mentally (and physically) stop, and check in with God. When you choose to live totally for God, He makes your everyday count.

May His grace be abundant unto you as you strive to make the best choices.

All of God’s love!




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