Hi guys πŸ˜„

I’ve prepared a beautiful blog to share with y’all 3 ways to feed your soul. In my post today, I’ll touch a little on 1 of the ways.

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One of my very favorite things to do when it feels like my soul needs a re-filling is, Worship.


Okay in the first place, I am something of a music junkie. Music is like my all time fix.

Music is such a powerful tool you know, it has the power to uplift your spirit~ give you all of the “feels” while totally transcending you into a certain vibe.

And then, how music can help you express the feelings you can’t quite put to words. . . like have you ever been in a place where it’s like there’s stuff you want to say, but then you can’t quite find the words? then a song comes up on the radio and it’s like the lyrics your heart’s been trying to come up with all along!

I mean! that’s one of the things I absolutely adore about worship music these days. you can tell that the writers went into a certain deep, and then came up with such intense words of worship. you hear most of the words and you’ like, “how did they know just what I wanted to say???” 😭

It’s why I get so excited at any opportunity to worship, where I can be vulnerable (without any judgement) before my Father -wide eyed, mystefied, ugly crying face, shamelessly adoring Him, because He is my absolute “reason”.


Now come the 25th of this month, God has orchestrated a gathering, where all who gather will go DEEPER in Him. I’m talking about an opportunity to experience God in a way I’m sure none of us have ever experienced Him before.


I am specially inviting you dear friend, I promise, you want to experience this great move of God! If you can only hear half of what God is planning to do on that day, you’d be super excited! It’s going to be all about God. there’d be a great crowd yea, but every one will see no one but Jesus!

Please save the date, and make plans to attend. and of course, bring a friend or two, or better still, more! the more the louder the sound of our worship! Glory! 😁😁😁

find full details of the concert in the flier below.


β˜† β˜† β˜†

thank y’all so much for reading.

till my next post,

God’s love and peace!



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