Where did all the good times go! πŸ˜Ά

Pause. Rewind; lemme attempt to do you a little recap of what happens to be the highlight of my December.

β˜† β˜† β˜†

The weeks leading to the closing of the year, were filled with events that came back to back, I mean the kind where you leave home in the morning and get back home the following morning 😣 so much so I couldn’t squeeze time out to do any blogging πŸ™ˆ. I’m not complaining though, and no, I’m not saying it’s a good enough excuse not to blog, but please give me this one? 😭

On the 21st and 22nd of December, a grandiose shindig was organized to celebrate the fabulous life of my grand-mama (from my mum’s side) cuz she turned 90 this year! yes 90! So we all – my sisters, brothers, nieces, cousins, aunties and uncles from the abroad and those from the in broad, journeyed east of Nigeria to make for a fullllll house. It was such a joy having this whole lot in one place once again since about 15years ago! We partied, danced, ate, laughed, fellowshiped and had all round fun.

Admist all the hustle and bustle, my mind managed to occupy itself with plans of what I want my 2019 to be like. I do this thing where I am afraid to fail, so instead of flying and falling, I’ll rather not fly at all. I know I know, it’s a demon I still struggle with. But then 2019 is already coming with a shout saying “I am only for those who are desperate to win!”Β have you been hearing that shout too?

The most frustrating thing in this life, is knowing that you are capable of SO MUCH, yet with all the time that has passed, you haven’t even scratched the surface of your abilities. If you check my profile/bio/status anywhere that I happen to have a page, you’d see “Full of possibilities girl” that’s me! I know it! I know I can do any and everything I set my mind to do. And so I have decided that in 2019, I would be unapologetic about being EVERYTHING that I can possibly be.

Yesterday after a long chat with my darling sister Paula, she dropped me this beautiful message that has become my mantra for 2019. I thought I share it with you, perhaps you can get some inspiration from it too.

Rem, 2019 is like entering into a brand new day that never had days before it. It’s a whole new page. Blank, empty, crisp like the smell of a new note book.

Promise me you’d write a new story. That you’d make it very interesting, that your readers won’t be able to put down… a master page flip!

Promise me you’d be a happy woman. A woman whose big dreams keep her awake and on the go… a woman who won’t settle for any and every, but would be a creator of the kind of life and experience she desires?

Promise me you wouldn’t fit into a mould you weren’t made for, but you’d expand your original and make it ever beautiful. You must be strong Rema, God in you is exceedingly powerful.

Love, Pee.


I love you so much pee!

Rushing in for our cross-over service. See y’all in 2019! πŸ˜„

all of my love,



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