issa January Throwback!

January just began and it’s already the 3rd???

Wasn’t it just yesterday I went for cross-over service? oh no? but January is rushing where to tho? 😅 before we know it nau, we’d be wishing each other Merry Christmas. That’s just how time loves to fly!

So I guess you’d say my throwback post for today is quite apt. As we waltz, shuffle, millierock, legwork, shakushaku (or what ever new dance step may come to reign this year) into 2019, remember; always pause to access and re-acess your priorities. Evaluate your day, your weeks, your months, as they come to an end- and remember to celebrate your little victories!

Please click on this link to find out It’s a beautiful day to be alive!

I love you guys and I really appreciate that you always make time to come here for an inspiring read❤

let’s cheers to bigger and better things this year 2019! 🍾🥂

It indeed is a beautiful day to be alive! click here to read today’s full post.

remember to~

live a beautiful life 🌻

God’s love and light



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