Refresh: You Are sufficient!

2019 is litrally on a roll! It seems like it was just yesterday I woke up to Sunday, and now it’s Thursday already! Dudeee, if there is anything you should be doing, you can’t afford the luxury of procrastination (note to self 🤔) or any feelings of inadequacy. This year, let’s set out to do any and everything we possibly can!

The WORD for 2019 in my family church is “I am UNLIMITED”; that means this year for me is full of endless possibilities! I am going to dream and achieve bigger and more than I have ever done before. This year, I am going to be doing the absolute most 🤣! Although this concept seems overwhelming and even unnerving, my assurance is not in my abilities, but that I am self sufficient, through Christ’s sufficiency! Philippians 4:13.

I like today’s Throwback post, it reminded me of an experience I had doing a seemingly difficult thing. Oh the joy that comes when you have achieved what your mind/circumstance told you you can’t achieve!

I compel you to attempt hard things this year, aim for the sky, just give it a try! This is the year to do impossible things, the year where anything is possible for you because, you are sufficient!

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What impossible thing(s) would you be doing this year?

remember to always live a beautiful life 🌻

God’s love and light,




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