Hey (everyone who has hair and wants it to grow)!

One quick question: is healthy hair a part of your 2019 “success goals”? yes? yes is right! because in 2019, everything about you, and around you must flourish! can I get an Amen! Say after me, in 2019, healthy hair is achievable, and I will achieve it! and length too (of course) if that’s part of your hair goal.

So I’d like to share some tips that I plan to abide by this year, so that this “healthy hair” can become our reality.

First thing I’d advice is, know your hair! What’s your hair type? What’s your hair porosity? low, normal or high? What’s your hair density? high, medium or low?

When you have been able to decide the type, porosity and density of your hair, then you can better decide what products would work best for YOUR hair.

Second thing is, work out a hair care regimen suited specifically to your hair type and needs and of course your lifestyle. How often should your wash-day be? weekly, bi-weekly or once in a month? This decision would be based on your lifestyle. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself with routines because you are copying some one else’s regimen. go with what works for you.

Third thing is moisture! moisture, moisture and more moisture. Think about it: what happens to a plant that is not regularly watered? the plant eventually dies from dehydration. Your hair needs moisture! Invest in a good hair moisturizer/leave-in conditioner. Always read the ingredient list; looking out for ingredients like: Aqua, aloe Vera juice/gel, vegetable glycerine and oil or fruit extracts amongst the first 5 ingredients.

One great tip for retaining moisture is, always have handy your spritz bottle mixture to refresh your strands (mix one part water or aloe vera juice or glycerin with one part leave-in conditioner).

Fourth tip is deep conditioning. Deep conditioning adds extra moisture or protein to our your strands to prevent damage, making sure they are strong and healthy. If you want healthy hair in 2019, make sure to include a deep conditioning treatment in your every wash-day routine.

an important point to note in deep conditioning is the need to balance the protein and moisture level of your hair. If the protein level of your hair is higher than the moisture level it can cause your hair to break. a good trick is to mix both treatments (moisture and protein) while doing your deep conditioning, that way you don’t have to forget one or the other.

The LOC (Liquid, Oil, Creme) or LCO (Liquid, Creme, Oil) method: so ideally, when my hair isn’t in any protective style, I do not go to bed without doing this procedure. I spritz my hair with my liquid moisturizer, rub on a dime size of my hair butter and apply my growth oil, then I either do a 2 stand twist or a 3 strand braid and then wear my satin cap. If your hair is in braids, this method works too. Try to do this daily in the morning and night.

Also, one tip that I think isn’t very well buzzed about yet is, scalp massaging. massaging your scalp stimulates the blood circulation and this in turn channels more nutrients to your hair roots. Give your scalp a massage as regular as possible and watch your hair enjoy the benefits.

Drink water. Now apart from watering your hair roots and strands from the outside, you need to water it from the inside too. Drinking water helps to hydrate your strands from the inside which in turn keeps your hair soft and maintans its health.

This year I plan to be more faithful to my decision to take in at least 3litres of water a day! hello healthier hair, I see you!

Last point; but certainly not the least, record your progress. I remember how in 2017 I got upset and went to cut off my hair because I felt it was not growing. I later went through old pictures and realized it actually was, but by then it was too late. so a good advice will be to intentionally record your hair progress; do length checks at the end of every month if possible and take a picture. Also you can keep a hair diary. there are hair diaries like this one https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.morehair

And usually, adventures like this are more fun when you don’t go it alone. find you a friend who is interested in going on a healthy hair journey this year and be accountable together. if you’d like to be my accountability partner and me yours, lemme know! 😁

If you like this tips be sure to like and leave a comment below.

Okay guys! that’s all for today! till my next post,

continue to enjoy God’s love and light,

and remember to live a beautiful life 🌻




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