Good, Better, Best.

. . .striving to make the best choices!   So. . . this is a 3 in one post; 1. Book review (sort of ish) 2. Coffee Break and. . . 3. Throw back; because well, this post should have come last Friday, or yesterday 😁   β˜† β˜† β˜†   One of my very… Continue reading Good, Better, Best.


Let’s throw back shall we?😁

Some times I scroll down going through some of my previous posts and I'm like "did I write this?" lol, it looks to me like a fresh write' and I'm blessed by it over again. And then,Β light bulb! I think, why not begin a #throwbackThursday segment/category on the blog?! So on Thursdays, I'd re-post a… Continue reading Let’s throw back shall we?😁

Hibernation. . . over!

hey guys! its been sooooooo long! I'm truly sorry I had to stay away for this long. Even though I've been doing a lot of writing on other platforms, I'm bummed I left cobwebs to gather on here. However I'm back and better. I've done a lot of growing- spiritually, and phisically too (it was… Continue reading Hibernation. . . over!