Thankful Thursday

Today my thanksgiving is simple, yet very meaningful! for a dream that has been a long time in the making, a long time coming! I’m pretty excited, I’m working real hard to contain myself 😆😌 you see ehn, fear is very stupid. it makes you doubt all that you are, all that you can be […]

Here, take a cup of coffee. . .

. . .let’s talk about what’s been holding you back. but first, here’s a really short parable of an over-analyzer; She’s an amazing creative with so many brilliant ideas, who keeps waiting. . . to be ready, to be less nervous, for the time to be right, for the details to be perfect, for — […]

How I (instantly) Weaned My Almost 2 year old Toddler

(My personal experience) Story time. . . Before I gave birth to my Zoey-Maya, I had done a ton of researches, you know, the kind a first time mom does because she doesn’t want to ruin her new born, lol -and then in one of my finds on breastfeeding, I saw that the World Health […]