Meditation Monday

. . .Because the Bible instructs that we do not let go of good counsel, rather, we should meditate on it over and over and as many times as possible over again. (paraphrased) -Joshua 1:8. I said that to say this, remember the word God gave to you? Remember His promises? Remember the name He… Continue reading Meditation Monday


Journal Addict!

Hey guys! welcome to the beginning of the week. Welcome to Monday. Here's this week's Monday Coffee. Take a pause, and drink up. ☆ ☆ ☆ One thing I pride myself in is my ability to de-clutter. Ohhh I don't wanto get started on how clutter irks me. I literally cannot stand having like 5… Continue reading Journal Addict!

How to get yourself to do the things you need to do but don’t feel like doing.

How awkward is this long post-title? Not? 😁 I thought so. Welcome to Monday Coffee 😄 For coffee lovers, when would you rather have your coffee? Morning? Afternoon? Evening? Not Night?! 😆 Because I sorta kinda was long-waiting on inspiration for the flavour of today's coffee, it's being served aftermorning🙈 I had plenty excuses that… Continue reading How to get yourself to do the things you need to do but don’t feel like doing.

The decision making closet.

Intentional ɪnˈtɛnʃ(ə)n(ə)l/ adjective done on purpose; deliberate. synonyms: calculated, conscious, intended, planned, meant, considered, studied, knowing, wilful, purposeful, premeditated, thought out in advance etc. ☆ ☆ ☆ One word that is definitely the hallmark of my 2018 is "Intentional". Because you know you can't make a positive change in your life until you decide to… Continue reading The decision making closet.

How beautiful is your mind?

I believe that the state of our mind affects how our life is lived, to a large extent. If your mind is lazy, your life will record zero percent productivity. If your mind is idle, the enemy will give you mind options that even you will not be pleased about- you'd give in to the… Continue reading How beautiful is your mind?

We Will Rise Above!

Yesterday night riding home after a very long and busy yet exciting day for my family, I was making some financial calculations in my mind. It's annoying how one still has to spend so much on certain things such as fuel for the gen, because NEPA has gone on a break. And naturally it's easy… Continue reading We Will Rise Above!