Meditation Monday

. . .Because the Bible instructs that we do not let go of good counsel, rather, we should meditate on it over and over and as many times as possible over again. (paraphrased) –Joshua 1:8.

I said that to say this, remember the word God gave to you? Remember His promises? Remember the name He called you? Good. Then don’t let your challenges call you by a different name. Don’t let fear cripple you and keep you from making “moves”!

So, meditate. Go back to that book where you wrote down all the special promises God gave you, remind yourself, meditate on them, and speak them out, scream if you must, let every fear vamoose so you can begin making power moves!

Don’t shrink under the magnanimity of the assignment you have been entrusted with. God will not give to you what you are not able to control.

* * *

I should call this a throw back moday coffee post 😁

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God’s love and light,

browngirlwriter β˜†


Journal Addict!

Hey guys! welcome to the beginning of the week. Welcome to Monday.

Here’s this week’s Monday Coffee. Take a pause, and drink up.

β˜† β˜† β˜†

One thing I pride myself in is my ability to de-clutter. Ohhh I don’t wanto get started on how clutter irks me. I literally cannot stand having like 5 of the same item in like the same color or the same style, it stresses me out. If 2 items look remotely alike, then 1 has to go brah. And if you are my friend, who happens to have a lotta junk (un.used items) going on in your closet, I’d with all pleasure offer my decluttering services to you for free! I strongly believe if you haven’t used an item in 6 months, you prolly don’t need it.

Clutter steals space from the marvelous things that need a seat in your life.

But then, there are 2 things I can’t seem to have enough of or let go ofπŸ™ˆ. Journals and Biros! Anyone who knows me knows that I am a biro collector and I have piles of jotters and journals with my name on them. I can’t help it😣 and I don’t want to help it, lol.

I love biros and jotters because there’s always something brilliant to write down- even if it may not seem so brilliant at the time. I love how when I go back to my journals from 8years ago I can marvel at the things I wrote down and how my life has played out since then.

A wise man once said, “the shortest pencil is better than the longest memory“. I believe he said that to say, be a journal addict! or well something like that, lol.

Having a journal to journal your creative (journey) through this life is important.

If you have one already, here’s what I want you to do today (if you haven’t already)

Plan your week. Ask yourself “what’s the most important thing I must do this week?” and plan your days around that one thing.

Plan your hours. It’d be a lot easier to meet your target if your time is accounted for.

Put your life in check by checking your habits. What things do you do over and over again that gives you the results you have?

Make learning a habit. Conciously learn something new everyday. Plan it- schedule it in your organizer/daily-planner/diary/journal.

Example: you can download an App that teaches you a new word everyday. (Here are some App ideas Vocabulary Builder, Word of the day, Daily word)

Journal your journey! Your future (you) would be grateful you did!

β˜† β˜† β˜†

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post? Thanks for stopping by again. 😁😁😁

Have a most productive day!

Love, bgw.

How to get yourself to do the things you need to do but don’t feel like doing.

How awkward is this long post-title? Not? 😁 I thought so.

Welcome to Monday Coffee πŸ˜„

For coffee lovers, when would you rather have your coffee? Morning? Afternoon? Evening? Not Night?! πŸ˜†

Because I sorta kinda was long-waiting on inspiration for the flavour of today’s coffee, it’s being served aftermorningπŸ™ˆ

I had plenty excuses that could have excused me from today’s post, but, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. If I have promised to make a post every Monday, then I need to be stronger than whatever excuse, no matter how justifiable.

Lol does this feel somewhat like a rant? Well for 1, it’s a post innit? lol And 2, if you read between the lines, you’d get the message πŸ˜‰

To get me started on today’s post I made a research to maybe help me summon my muse. Can you guess what I Google-searched? “How To Overcome Writers Block.” πŸ˜… And what jumped right at me is, “You overcome writers block by writing!”

(Have I overcome it or nah? I think yesπŸ˜†)

So I just started writing and continued writing and now I’m on paragraph *counting* 8! Lol.

So basics yea, when you find yourself in a funk, stuck on a project or something, I think Nike’s slogan is apt,”Just Do It!”

Movement is critical, once you start heading in a direction, it’s easier to gain speed.

One of things that help me get my creative juices stirred is music. If you are like me, listen to music that can do just that. Then start somewhere, anywhere. Eliminate distractions -do you need to turn your phone off for a few hours? Do it. Do you need to get a new perspective before moving forward? Get it. Try not to overthink the process -don’t make it harder than it needs to be. And then, do it for the joy of it (That’s why it is important you do what you love)

And here goes my Monday Coffee post for today. Hope you got it? (even if just a little).

It’s been fun! 😁

Until my next post,



Begin Again!

Disclaimer: Not everyone who reads this post will have a Eureka moment, but I know there’s “that one person”. and so, dear That One Person, it is for you I make this post.

I remember how many times I’ve been so pumped up to chase after my goals I do not remember the number of times I’ve had to pick myself up and start again- chasing my dreams, most times from where I stopped, other times right from the beginning. It can be pretty difficult and depressing, knowing that a lot of time has gone by and left us looking just the same. One trap we are most likely to fall into is; comparing our timeline with the timeline of people in our age group who seem to have it all together. Don’t fall in that trap.

Today I have one simple message for you: You can have a new beginning, it doesn’t matter how many new beginnings you’ve had before. There’s so much God wants to do with you and through you with what time you have left on earth. Forgive yourself (for time wasted) and allow God have the opportunity to use this new week to help you begin again.

Prayer: LORD, thank You for fresh starts. Thank You for making available the grace to begin again with You. I yield myself to You as You lead me to accomplish (insert what you’d like to accomplish with God’s help). In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

God’s love,


The decision making closet.




done on purpose; deliberate.

synonyms: calculated, conscious, intended, planned, meant, considered, studied, knowing, wilful, purposeful, premeditated, thought out in advance etc.

β˜† β˜† β˜†

One word that is definitely the hallmark of my 2018 is “Intentional”. Because you know you can’t make a positive change in your life until you decide to be intentional about your choices.

Many mistakes were made in 2017, and I know of only one way I can avoid such mistakes this amazing new year. . .

Imagine the amount of heart aches we’d save ourselves from if only we listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit

There’s so many pit holes we can avoid once we can acknowledge the need for God’s leading and give in.

The first time I heard my pastor (Kingsley Okonkwo) share the testimony of a certain business man who never recorded a single investment loss (because each time before he made a business decision, he’d go into his closet to seek God’s guidance), I was intrigued and astounded, I mean! It’s actually possible! To let God decide your every step! The second time I heard it however, it did more than strike a cord, it led me to make an intentional decision. I decided that whatever I needed to do, no matter how low priority it may seem, I’d ask the Holy Spirit to ‘OK’ it before I move forward.

It’s not always easy. Sometimes you may already be 55% into that decision before remembering that “ah” you’ve not checked in with God. It’s okay then to take a pause, back up and seek God’s face. I’d usually ask “H.S. what do You think?” “H.S. what should I do?” “H.S. help me please!” And for every time I have sincerely let Him lead me, I have found rest.

The Holy Spirit’s voice is as loud as your willingness to listen

I encourage you to seek God’s voice for every decision you need to make today, and be intentional about allowing Him lead.

Wouldn’t you rather be relaxed in an air-conditioned vehicle while you’re driven through the Lagos traffic


How beautiful is your mind?

I believe that the state of our mind affects how our life is lived, to a large extent. If your mind is lazy, your life will record zero percent productivity. If your mind is idle, the enemy will give you mind options that even you will not be pleased about- you’d give in to the fear of things that God has promised you don’t need to fret about- your faith level will take a downward spiral and truly truly, you might even forget how to pray. Long and short of the story is, there is much more danger in keeping an idle mind than you may think.

By all means, fight the good fight to keep your mind on whatever things are right. Times when my mind chooses to wander off thinking nonsense, I subject it to the ‘authority of The Spirit’ by speaking in tounges- it’s a trusted mind-reset technique- then I quickly substitute that nonsense thought with one worthy of praise.

It’s a conscious effort this mind status thing, because if you don’t make it so you lose the control of it all together. How beautiful your mind is is therefore determined by what you feed your mind. What you allow in however should ultimately feed your spirit, so that your spirit is strong enough to put your mind under subjection when it begins to think it’s the Boss.

Let not your mind be idle, or lazy, or preoccupied thinking the wrong things, because you see, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

What is the state of your mind?

xoxo, bgwβ˜†

We Will Rise Above!

Yesterday night riding home after a very long and busy yet exciting day for my family, I was making some financial calculations in my mind. It’s annoying how one still has to spend so much on certain things such as fuel for the gen, because NEPA has gone on a break. And naturally it’s easy for such concerns to get one grumbling and complaining, but that’s a tired roller coaster I don’t feel like getting on anymore.

Tired of quite keeping it in I voiced out my thoughts, and my husband reminded me of how worked-up I used to get last year when I’d go grocery shopping and realize how almost everything had gone up in price since the last time I shopped. It was a pleasant memory lane to visit even for just a bit because it helped me realize the testimony that had come out of those times.

We rise above, no matter how annoying or tough the present situation is- “while we look not at the things which are seen: for the things which are seen are temporal (subject to change); but the things which are not seen are eternal.” ~2Corinthians 4:18

Every challenge has an expiry date- what’s important however is the state of your heart through the challenge; What is your confesion? What is your faith walk? No matter how things change or don’t change, I’ve realized that God always prepares a way of escape for those whom He loves. I’m totes grateful that I live a life that is dedicated to God’s use, hence a life where God totes takes care of me. What’s there to complain about mbok? πŸ˜…#teamtotallysatisfiedwithJesus! #satisfiedbabygirl #IhaveallthatIneed #totallycontent #GodsOwn #heavensambassador πŸ’•

To every trying situation, remember this phrase and grow from the process- “and it came to pass!”

Happy Independence Nigeria!

xoxo, bgW.