Everything takes the time it needs.

Everyday, I remind me to appreciate my pace. ☆ ☆ ☆ last week I was scrolling through the IG pages of some ladies in my field of profession and I was boggled by their progress. I started thinking to myself, “I should be doing this and this and this”. thankfully I caught myself in time […]

That one time I put a knife to my throat.

One dry afternoon in November, my husband and I were on a trip, putting finishing touches and all to the #AWE2018 concert plans. We needed to finalize his second outfit for the concert, so we stopped by one of the many malls on Admiralty road in Lekki to see about getting him a rad jean […]

Hibernation. . . over!

hey guys! its been sooooooo long! I’m truly sorry I had to stay away for this long. Even though I’ve been doing a lot of writing on other platforms, I’m bummed I left cobwebs to gather on here. However I’m back and better. I’ve done a lot of growing- spiritually, and phisically too (it was […]