Healthy Hair 2019 anyone? (I share my tips for achieving healthy hair in 2019)

Hey (everyone who has hair and wants it to grow)! One quick question: is healthy hair a part of your 2019 “success goals”? yes? yes is right! because in 2019, everything about you, and around you must flourish! can I get an Amen! Say after me, in 2019, healthy hair is achievable, and I will […]

Mane Monday: much adoo about pre-pooing 🙄

So, what exactly is a Pre-poo, and why do I need to pre-poo before I wash my hair? you ask!   Well, I’ve here prepared some points you should take down for your next wash day 😉   What is a pre-poo? A pre-poo is an oil treatment applied to the hair prior to shampooing, […]