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Thanks for always being here 😘. In the mean time, I’d leave you something to read -a book review I did 3years and 7 months ago on my old blog.
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Romancing the Stone

In the spirit of the sabbath, lemme share with you something from one of my very favorite persons in this world, Michelle McKinney Hammond. Her book “A Sassy Girl’s Guide to Loving God” is one of her books that bring a smile to my heart (going through the table of contents alone). I’ll pick a chapter today and share with you so perhaps your Heart can smile too☺


picture credit:Zakari Atta

Romancing the Stone ❤❤❤
“If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right” most of us can sing the lyrics to this song and clearly have one person in mind. This identified person colors the inside of your world 😍, there’s nothing you’d ever do to hurt him/her, n God forbid that you do behind his/her back something that they didn’t approve of. Thats how much we love when we love the ones that we love.

Many of us claim to love God in a greater way. We are ready to shout “Lord I love you” while tearing up in worship, but most of us don’t get the depth of this love. Here’s a good question, “How much should we love God? And how do we show that love?” Here’s Jesus’ answer:
“If u love Me, u will keep My commandments.”
~John 14:15 NASB

Our obedience to God is equated to the sign of our love for Him. If I say I love Him, I should be willing to please Him at all cost (like I would willingly want to please my lover). Truth is, some of our obedience has had nothing to do with God, rather because we feared the consequences of our actions more than we feared God.

There’s an instance of a lady learning a new language because her lover asked her to learn his language; wanting so much to please him, she learned the whole language. Lol, that’s how far most of us can go with our love. That’s how far love can drive u. So, dropping some profane words from your vocabulary, deciding not to go to that suspicious night party, choosing not to identify with anything that doesn’t represent God, shouldn’t look like a death sentence to you.

If we have invited Jesus into our hearts, then we should be willing to clean up so that He can be comfortable and joyful in His new abode, don’t let Him have to step over dirty underwear, spoiled food, and various kind of garbage in your heart. Instead let Him help you clean it up, He wants to make a love nest in your soul. He delights in showing Himself strong for you (But He waits for you to ask) “Just as the Father has loved Me, I have also loved you; abide in My love.” ~John 15:9 NASB

Love your lover, love your beau, love your better half to bits. But don’t let the “true Lover of your soul” get the leftovers of your heart. Look pretty on the inside for the One who loves you the most. Love what He loves, hate what He hates. Don’t let your Lovers name be disgraced cuz of your actions (2 Samuel 12:13).
Love ’til it hurts! love God ’til it hurts!!! That’s the perfect example Jesus showed to us (Hebrews 5:8)

There’s a whole lot more this chapter/book is pregnant with, maybe I’d share on some other day, or maybe you can rush for your copy😊


My love life has sweetly improved and I’ve discovered the ultimate relationship. I have decided to be obedient to God because I love Him and I would never want to hurt His heart.

Thank you Michelle, I love you.💓


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  1. Hey Rhed, thanks for sharing this, it spurred me to dust the book and start reading. Got it as a birthday present last year. Keep sharing, and i really love this reposting old posts…learning from you big time. Keep doing what you are doing my dear, God will bless you big time
    xoxo from one Christian blogger to another

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