What’s the price of Salvation?

Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.”

I experienced something sad and pitiful in the early hours of this morning that inspired today’s post. Social media ehn, hmmm. We really need to be careful to guard our eye and ear gates o. not everything is entertainment as it were anymore. So I accidentally happened upon an instagram page of an atheist human being, and I felt deep sadness. How do I get such people to believe? I pondered for a long while till I fell asleep.

The thought of being lost and alone in this world makes me shudder. I can’t imagine what it would have been like if I didn’t know God or worse, if I didn’t believe in Him. Some people actually suffer from the ignorance of who God is and how so dangerously-deep He loves them.

God’s love is so real for us that even while we were undeserving and buried in sin, He so graciously gave His beloved son Jesus as a bloody sacrifice. I repeat, we didn’t have to deserve it, there was no price we had to pay for the blood of Jesus to be shed. However, there is a price we have to pay for salvation.

Romans 10:9-10Amplified Bible (AMP)

because if you acknowledge and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord [recognizing His power, authority, and majesty as God], and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For with the heart a person believes [in Christ as Savior] resulting in his justification [that is, being made righteous—being freed of the guilt of sin and made acceptable to God]; and with the mouth he acknowledges and confesses [his faith openly], resulting in and confirming [his] salvation.

I don’t take it for granted that I am born again. I still confess Jesus as my Lord and saviour. Each day I make a personal decision to be a Christian, it’s a concious effort I make because I love God. I know what He did for me over 2000 years ago (I don’t have to try to use my head to understand it), I love what He did, what He still does for me and what He will continually do for me. I love who I am with Him, and I can’t imagine my life without him.

So today I’m thankful for the amazing privilege to know Him and continue walking in the knowledge of Him.

And The Holy Spirit whispred to me, “Just keep telling the Good News of God’s Love.”

Oh my God, how refreshing it is, how freeing, what glorious liberty I have in You through salvation. That I know the Truth which has set me totally free. I would sing of Your Love forever, and continually tell of Your great mercy and grace. Thank You my Father! 





When you make resolutions, don’t forget them✏

Today is my birthday and I choose Joy! 💃💃💃

Many are blessed with the gift of “natural drive”. They remember the agendas on their to-do list even without looking at the list -they have a brilliant idea and they instantly run with it -they can successfully handle 100 agendas at a go -the level of their results and successes are very obvios -they leave the rest of us wondering “how does she do it?”

Does it sound like I sort of drifted?

Let me try to connect the dots, about abandoning your resolutions. I believe the difference between this naturally driven superhumans and the rest of the world is that they write their visions, make it plain on a table and run with it! In a less KingJamesy translation, they follow through with their plans. They have schedules that with all their might they try to keep. When it seems hard they try harder. When they fail they try another advanced method. They realize that good intentions just isn’t enough.

Does it sound like I drifted?

Let me try and connect the dots, about choosing Joy. I believe we are only as happy as we allow ourselves be. It’s about deciding that this is the day the Lord has made, no matter what, I rejoice and remain glad in it. Because the enemy likes to pick the seemingly perfect moments of our life and try to turn it sour, have you ever noticed? Sometimes we forget, that it is the joy that comes from within that should fuel our happy and then we begin to let the grey skies steal our bliss. But I say to you “Don’t!” Scream at the devourer, tell him (abi it) “you will not steal the joy/grace/life/health/peace/sanity/wealth that my Father has so graciously given to me!” Make sure you shout at him, I promise you he’d scurry like an embarassed dog with it’s tail inbetween it’s legs. Because afterall he’s all bark and no bite.

So I choose Joy today, no matter what! I meaaaan, no matter what!!!



With this ring, I thee wed. . .

“And this is the day my dream becomes a reality.”


It’s interesting how things always come to pass. I remember the painful countdown 😢 ; it started about two years ago, when my heart decided that Paul was God’s perfect plan for me. The rest of the world didn’t know it yet, but it was my ultimate plan, to stand before everyone and profess my love for Paul and confess my earnest desire to be joined to this beautiful man for eternity even in the Kingdom of Heaven 😍😍😍 (Dear Lord plix permit me). And so the countdown began.


Finally today, the 22nd of September 2016, I’d say I do. I’d look into his eyes as I slide the band that signifies eternity, and vow my life to him. It would no longer be about me, infact there shant be a me anymore (the wrapping of my head around this reality makes me shudder. But Grace Lord! Wisdom Lord! Understanding Lord! Wisdom Lord!!! And more Wisdom!) I would love him, not just how I feel he needs to be loved, not just how he wishes to be loved, but how God has designed for me to love him.


I wrote my vows 😊 I knew words won’t be enough, I knew the words will spill out the paper edges, because I know there’s just too much love to express when it comes to him. Thank God I have the whole of eternity to express, everyday, in everyway, the depth of my love for him. I am in love with you Paul Chisom Udo! And today the world will know just how much, because I’d die to myself, as we miraculously become ONE FLESH❤❤❤



About Believing. . .

“Last minute miracles” and the likes.


Have you ever had to wait, and wait, and wait, then rush to look out the window to check if your miracle has arrived, and then, wait some more? (Halla at me if you haven’t had to, I’d love to hear your narrative 😒)

So this post is about the wait; for miracles that show up last minute.

My take; this period of waiting is a very dicey one. You don’t want to let loose of the ropes and fall over the cliff after you have waited so long, And worse, you don’t want to go creating a plan B.

Believing God usually requires a great level of patience- Faith and Patience go hand in hand  (like bread and butter and maybe tea to make an interesting breakfast). Spiritual things are slippery and until you can understand that the things we cannot see are ‘realer’ than the things we can see, you won’t understand God’s ways.


God is never late, even when the wait is mighty long and you have like one day to that big event.


Sooo, what to do when you are waiting for that alert, for that change, for the big appearance?

Some people have given up just one second from their big break, because they got tired of waiting, or thought God won’t show up afterall.

It’s important we watch our attitude while waiting. There’s a temptation to get cranky, to become negative, to complain, to begin to doubt -even for a milli-second and then loose grip on the ropes and fall off the cliff because we couldn’t wait one second more.

Recommended Attitude Status while you wait;

~While you patiently wait, be thankful. You have asked God right? trust me, He has answered. He loves you so much that even before you finish speaking it into His ears He answers; so just be in the place of thanksgiving. Move from trying to remind Him about what you’ve asked for, to thanking Him for providing what you’ve asked for.

~Joy. Be joyful, don’t lose your joy because the wait is longer than you anticipated. Remember Isaiah 12:3, because it’s with joy that we receive from God. Don’t let the wait turn your attitude sour. If there’s a temptation to be anxious, replace it with expectation. Imagine yourself with your miracle in your hand. For me, I see myself driving my pepper red luxury car 😍 yes Lord!

~Act. Act the part. Act like you have received what you asked God for. Move. Do. Don’t just “sit” in waiting. Be an active wait(er). I’ve heard several testimonies of people who made God-inspired motions towards the receiving of their miracle -I have even experienced it. You prayed to God for financial provision for a new house? Go house hunting with your blank check! and remember, Don’t put any limits on what God can do.


I have experienced God in the moments when I felt so forgotten, when friends promised and failed. In those moments I learnt to put my trust only in God. So men may promise me heaven on earth, I’d be like “awww thank you so much I appreciate it”, but then I don’t hang my life on their promises, because God is my option A and my option B, and if I had an option C, it’d be Him still.


This post is dedicated to my option A to Z Father, the One in whom I am forever confident in.


  We Wait because we Believe

Sylvia Chika



Peace is a 3 Letter word = Udo 💑💏

#FlashbackFriday for my #ThankfulThursday post 😊

On this day I’m grateful for many things, but this one just about tops my list!

It would usually be a stressful process according to word on the street, but the 2 hours+ spent at the ikoyi marriage registry felt like a breeze. I know why, because I had Paul’s beaming smiles piercing through my neck 😂







AuntLanda, sister Eky, Sandybebe, Demosky, Bleble and C’west (who is behind the camera), Thank you so much for being a part of our joy on this day. We love you 😘


Today, I’m thankful for my bestfriend who became my husband for the 2nd time 😅 on the 7th of September (looking forward to the 3rd time😄). I’m now officially Mrs Rema Udo.

Time always seems to fly by when I’m with you my love, I hope forever would be time enough, and if not, I’d gladly add a million years more!

#hashtagbestie #hubs #bestfriendwithinaMillionYears #MrandMrsPeace 💋

When the rain won’t stop 💧⚡☔

Rain. . .

This season always gives me the chills; Paula can relate. If it starts to rain and I’m out of the house, my thougts begin to do a fast reverse; “Did I leave my clothes out on the line? Are my windows open? Is rain entering my room? Do I own an umbrella? Would I need a boat to go home?”


I’ve always had mixed feelings about the rain, “to love or not to love?”, and so it’s usually bliss when it decides to rain at night -into morning if it likes- when I’m well tucked in my duvet – *sighs dreaming.ly*-bliss😊

The rain in Lagos these days seems to have pledged to a new mission: Pour till I’m tired, or atleast till all of lekki is flooded. About a week ago, it was a weekend long jamboree for the rain -thankfully I could still make my way through the pond.

Certain things are a common site when it rains: drenched human beings finding shelter from the rain, local-market vendors running to cover their goods, long-black-ugly rain boots to wade through the waters, canopy-big umbrellas, swimming cars, other human beings reconsidering the timing and location of their next appointment.


This rain, that some dread while others don’t even feel it on their skin. . .

Today’s own rain was doing asif it won’t stop, so this post that was supposed to go up since morning is coming up now -Is it safe to say I was under the weather? 😂

The best part of the rain is that it makes farmers happy, and if the farmers are happy it means we ultimately get food to eat.

*This is now officially a rain bant* 😊

Ok let me get relatively serious. This story is like the seasons of life, sometimes we get some unexpected event that aims at destabilizing our existence, and if we don’t have canopy-big umbrellas or luxurious cars to drive in, we might not be able to shield ourselves from the rains and we end up missing our appointments. 

But when others are crying “there’s a casting down”, those of us who dwell in the Kingdom of God will surely say “there is a lifting up!” and so we’d be like the happy farmer, who at the end of the day counts his profit because the rain fell graciously.

Whenever it rains and pours and upturns your perfectly arranged life, I do hope you remember that there is always a light at the end of every dark cloud, called The Big Beautiful UnSmiling Sun🌞 (at least the clothes you washed can now dry in peace)

I hope you enjoyed reading my not so short rain bant? Till my next post, may you continue to find shelter in God’s love❤



Sweet September 💖

thankful-thursday1I’m going to begin something today that will hopefully go on every Thursday of every week as long as I live 💕💕

Most of the time we get swayed by the tides of events surrounding us, the recurrent updates from the news, the rise n fall of the economy, basically “life”; we get distracted by life without conciously remembering to “Live”, to journal the moments we are thankful for.🙌images-9

I don’t blame you, I often times get swayed also -gosh life can get too distracting!😬

Ok so I decided, 😆😊, I picked Thursday because it’s at the middle of my week. So every Thursday, I’d pause, and think, and journal atleast one thing I’m thankful for. Feel free to join in #thankfulThursday #thankfulThursdaychallenge💖


💕Today I’m thankful for the gift of another new month, chapter 9 of 12 in the book titled 2016💃💃💃🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈🎈images-10


God’s love, BGW