How beautiful is your mind?

I believe that the state of our mind affects how our life is lived, to a large extent. If your mind is lazy, your life will record zero percent productivity. If your mind is idle, the enemy will give you mind options that even you will not be pleased about- you’d give in to the fear of things that God has promised you don’t need to fret about- your faith level will take a downward spiral and truly truly, you might even forget how to pray. Long and short of the story is, there is much more danger in keeping an idle mind than you may think.

By all means, fight the good fight to keep your mind on whatever things are right. Times when my mind chooses to wander off thinking nonsense, I subject it to the ‘authority of The Spirit’ by speaking in tounges- it’s a trusted mind-reset technique- then I quickly substitute that nonsense thought with one worthy of praise.

It’s a conscious effort this mind status thing, because if you don’t make it so you lose the control of it all together. How beautiful your mind is is therefore determined by what you feed your mind. What you allow in however should ultimately feed your spirit, so that your spirit is strong enough to put your mind under subjection when it begins to think it’s the Boss.

Let not your mind be idle, or lazy, or preoccupied thinking the wrong things, because you see, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

What is the state of your mind?

xoxo, bgw


We Will Rise Above!

Yesterday night riding home after a very long and busy yet exciting day for my family, I was making some financial calculations in my mind. It’s annoying how one still has to spend so much on certain things such as fuel for the gen, because NEPA has gone on a break. And naturally it’s easy for such concerns to get one grumbling and complaining, but that’s a tired roller coaster I don’t feel like getting on anymore.

Tired of quite keeping it in I voiced out my thoughts, and my husband reminded me of how worked-up I used to get last year when I’d go grocery shopping and realize how almost everything had gone up in price since the last time I shopped. It was a pleasant memory lane to visit even for just a bit because it helped me realize the testimony that had come out of those times.

We rise above, no matter how annoying or tough the present situation is- “while we look not at the things which are seen: for the things which are seen are temporal (subject to change); but the things which are not seen are eternal.” ~2Corinthians 4:18

Every challenge has an expiry date- what’s important however is the state of your heart through the challenge; What is your confesion? What is your faith walk? No matter how things change or don’t change, I’ve realized that God always prepares a way of escape for those whom He loves. I’m totes grateful that I live a life that is dedicated to God’s use, hence a life where God totes takes care of me. What’s there to complain about mbok? 😅#teamtotallysatisfiedwithJesus! #satisfiedbabygirl #IhaveallthatIneed #totallycontent #GodsOwn #heavensambassador 💕

To every trying situation, remember this phrase and grow from the process- “and it came to pass!”

Happy Independence Nigeria!

xoxo, bgW.

You Are Sufficient!

The topic I have chosen for today’s Monday Coffee, while it may or may not confuse you, I hope you get the message in all it’s simplicity- you are able, more than able to handle anything that comes your way.

Can you think of the most difficult situation that you could ever come across? Even the one you feel you can never ever handle? Well believe me, it only takes you deciding that you can, and then go ahead and do.

I am presently typing this message on my feet- Zoey-Maya in one hand, phone in the other- because my “boss lady” insisted that if I won’t get up, she won’t stop crying or sleep. I mean it’s 2:06 in the morning, and I wish she would realize the difference between day and night already. I’ve tried to explain this to her, I don’t think she has got it yet. Initially I was going to let the frustration of the situation coupled with the strain in my back get the better of me, but then I remebered I sort of promised my coach a #MondayCoffee post 😉 and so I decided to make the most of this compulsory all-night situation.

There are times when I feel overwhelmed by my Little bundle of joy, and in those times I almost doubt myself -because after all I have never been a mother before now- but then I am more than convinced that giving up is not an option, God has given me this amazing gift, of whom I must ‘turn to gold’. In those moments of doubt, I am grateful for the Holy Spirit who is my ever present help! So I say to Him, “it’s me and You H.S., I can’t fail as long as we in this together”.

God wants us to always know that for every seemingly difficult situation/assignment, the Holy Spirit is ever present, to go through it all with us. Just remember, giving up is not an option, so get up and do what ever it is that you must with the help of the Holy Spirit. Make the most of every situation, and turn every ugliness into your own kind of beautiful.

☆ ☆ ☆

Awww she just smiled in her sleep, makes all of this feel so rewarding ❤ You see, I just handled my “difficult” situation, like a #boss 😎✌


Till my next post,

xoxo, bgw.

Deep, and Wide.

Deep, veeery deep, and wide. . .

The 15th of August literally began a whole new world for me. No, I haven’t fully wrapped my head around it yet, it is overwhelming, in a beautiful heart-filling kind of way.

“How does it feeeel?” A question I get asked much too often these days, lol. What do I say, how can I begin to explain it to y’all? Deep, veeery deep, and wide- a love that pretty much needs to be experienced than explained.

She’s so beautifully perfect, there’s no other way I see her. And when I see her, my heart wells up with an overwhelming kind of love. I kiss her all over her beautiful face all day everyday, lol. I can never get tired of looking at her, of holding her, of watching her realize this new world around her. And in the five weeks plus that she has been with me, I’ve realized the strength that was hidden on my insides, the strength that only this kind of love can draw out.

I love you so deeply my Zoey-Maya. You are protected by God, preserved by God and perfected by God. God is for you baby.


About Spirituality. . .

. . .To first of all state this truth, that “religion” and “spirituality” are on two separate wave lengths- meaning “don’t be confused, they don’t mean the same thing”. A person can be super religious without necessarily being spiritual. Religion is like a label, or a trend, and if you say you are religious it means you are simply part of a trend, or following the band wagon. Now spirituality on the other hand is a relationship, a personal relationship with God.

I have a bestfriend whom I love very much. His name is Paul. I enjoy talking to him, I enjoy listening to him talk back to me. I love it when we gist, when we can just look at each other and share a private joke with our eyes. I like to spend time with my best friend -almost 24hours matter of fact- and when I’m not with him I miss him sorely. When I experience something new, interesting or not, I’m eager to relate the tales to him.

I like to think of my relationship with God in the same simplicity. He called Abraham “friend”! Friend? Well that means I can talk about just anything with Him just like I would with Paul. He came down every evening to gist with Adam at the garden of Eden- It means I am worthy of His presence whenever and wherever, that’s how ever present He is. I don’t have to be stiff when I relate with Him, I can feel free to shoot him a message just to say “I love You”! It means if I ask, I can know exactly what He thinks of me and wants for/from me. It’s actually that simple. That I can ask His opinion about any and everything- I mean, that would save me a whole lot of heart aches and losses.

I believe a relationship with God is the most fulfilling relationship any person can have. And just like every other relationship, a relationship with God needs to be worked on.

Let’s make conscious effort to spend time with Him- morning, afternoon, anytime of the day. No matter what you are occupied with, let His presence saturate you. You can just ask Him a quick question, and listen to Him answer you right back. I talk to Him when I’m cooking, I ask Him to help me cook and I get directions on the right amount of ingredients per meal. Since I spend a lot of time in my kitchen, I’ve dedicated it specially to gisting with God (my Father), and ultimately, this regular relating with Him fills up my day with fulfilment. There’s nothing as beautiful as knowing what’s on God’s mind per time.

Take it from me😉

Be deliberate about your Spiritual Growth. You eat food to nourish your body…You need the Word of God to nourish your spirit. Spiritual growth takes effort on your part (Faith comes by hearing, and hearing   by the Word of God -Romans 10:17) Eat the Word, Speak the Word, Do the Word, Live the Word. Let your life speak before your lips move. God loves you!


Thankful in and out. . .

Some days I don’t even remember what day of the week it is. Asking me what date it is will be a stretch. Some days I’m really forgetful -I guess that’s why I always like my to-do-list’s. Some days I don’t even want to try, I know I’m not perfect, so what’s the use pretending. Some days I forget how to count, I allow my mind sleep, I lay deep in my imperfections, whining about the things that should and shouldn’t be, instead of just being grateful. I forget to smile.

But that’s not what today is about aiy?! 

Because being thankful is a choice- it’s an effort I have to make, to see the glass as half full, and be grateful for it.

Today I woke up in a so so mood. Thankfully things began to look up! I happily made a mental note of all the things I was thankful for, it was a long note, lol. Sadly I let an unfortunate misunderstanding sour up my mood- and I didn’t feel so thankful anymore.

That’s why today I’m especially thankful for God’s faithfulness. Imagine if He had mood swings, if He filled our mornings with warm sunshine and then an angry thunder at night, because someone pissed Him off! Oi. Aren’t you just grateful? that no matter how often you fall in and out of love with Him, He remains steadfast, loving you still.


My heart is pumping a lot more blood lately, and sometimes the feeling gets me confused. Oh but this is a story for another day- quite an interesting one too lol.

Today I’m thankful. Because God’s grace is always sufficient to swing me back to life; that even when I don’t feel in the mood, I have a mind that can totally agree with my spirit, that I have a good good Father in God; and I’m thankful for all the amazing people in my life, starting with my husband ❤

 There is always always something to be thankful for! 

What are you thankful for today?