5 Things To Do To Retain Length

in today’s post, I make a list of 5 simple things to take note of if you plan on retaining any of the length your hair would be growing this year! If this subject interests you, then continue reading 😁😁😁

The first on the list if 5 things is. . .

Healthy Hair 2019 anyone? (I share my tips for achieving healthy hair in 2019)

Hey (everyone who has hair and wants it to grow)! One quick question: is healthy hair a part of your 2019 “success goals”? yes? yes is right! because in 2019, everything about you, and around you must flourish! can I get an Amen! Say after me, in 2019, healthy hair is achievable, and I will […]

That one time I put a knife to my throat.

One dry afternoon in November, my husband and I were on a trip, putting finishing touches and all to the #AWE2018 concert plans. We needed to finalize his second outfit for the concert, so we stopped by one of the many malls on Admiralty road in Lekki to see about getting him a rad jean […]

Refresh: How to get yourself to do the things you need to do but don’t feel like doing! (phew😓🤣)

How many times have you come up with a seemingly good excuse why you haven’t got stuff done yet? “uhm, I’m waiting for the inspiration to come” in the case of creatives like me 😩, or. . . that “five more minutes” sleep. I know I have come up with quite a number of “good” excuses myself, […]