Everything takes the time it needs.

Everyday, I remind me to appreciate my pace. ☆ ☆ ☆ last week I was scrolling through the IG pages of some ladies in my field of profession and I was boggled by their progress. I started thinking to myself, “I should be doing this and this and this. . .” thankfully I caught myself […]

Here, take a cup of coffee. . .

. . .let’s talk about what’s been holding you back. but first, here’s a really short parable of an over-analyzer; She’s an amazing creative with so many brilliant ideas, who keeps waiting. . . to be ready, to be less nervous, for the time to be right, for the details to be perfect, for — […]

Spoiler Alert!

God hit refresh. ☆ ☆ ☆ Rejoice! It’s a new day! Filled with second chances and fresh opportunities! Don’t be discouraged by all the things that went totally wrong last week. If God is gracious enough to give you the gift of this new day, then you best believe He has made all things new […]


Safe Journey . . . Life is a daring adventure towards an unknown future. It’s beauty depends on how much you enjoy the journey. ~Debasish Mridha Yesterday I was doing a mindless evaluation of my life goals -realizing all of my missed targets, when I heared my baby call out to me; “mummy, maama, mum” […]

Second time’s the charm? 😊

Do you know what time it is?! 😄 It’s #ThrowbackThursday! ~time when I go into my archives and dig up something still so relevant and fresh even though it was written years ago. So I scrolled down and I saw a post that is so in line with my “Fly Free Child” post. (Oh no, […]

Last minute miracles, and the likes. . .

. . .about believing.   Jesus prayed for Peter in Luke 22 verse 32, that his faith will not fail. because imagine how disastrous it would be, that we fail in the day of adversity because our strength is weak. God forbid. I re-read a post I made here 2 years ago, and it strengthened […]

Good, Better, Best.

. . .striving to make the best choices!   So. . . this is a 3 in one post; 1. Book review (sort of ish) 2. Coffee Break and. . . 3. Throw back; because well, this post should have come last Friday, or yesterday 😁   ☆ ☆ ☆   One of my very […]

Hibernation. . . over!

hey guys! its been sooooooo long! I’m truly sorry I had to stay away for this long. Even though I’ve been doing a lot of writing on other platforms, I’m bummed I left cobwebs to gather on here. However I’m back and better. I’ve done a lot of growing- spiritually, and phisically too (it was […]

Meditation Monday

. . .Because the Bible instructs that we do not let go of good counsel, rather, we should meditate on it over and over and as many times as possible over again. (paraphrased) -Joshua 1:8. I said that to say this, remember the word God gave to you? Remember His promises? Remember the name He […]

How beautiful is your mind?

I believe that the state of our mind affects how our life is lived, to a large extent. If your mind is lazy, your life will record zero percent productivity. If your mind is idle, the enemy will give you mind options that even you will not be pleased about- you’d give in to the […]